The World & All that is in it, Endangered by Nuclear Energy, but it’s not their world to destroy

May Your God Go With You … in the work to Stop Nuclear and the Fossil fuel industries that Nuclear depends on.  This is a poignant post from the excellent Mining Awareness blog.  Especially relevant to Christians in Cumbria whose pastoral leader Lord Bishop Newcome is “enthusiastic” about “green” nuclear power.

Mining Awareness +

We are to be Good Stewards, Not Destroyers of the Environment: The World is Endangered by Nuclear Energy (and weapons)

There is nothing clean or good about nuclear energy. It legally and illegally leaks deadly radionuclides into the environment along the entire fuel chain from uranium mining to nuclear energy production to the unsolved problem of nuclear waste. Many radionuclides are deadly for hundreds and thousands of years. Some are deadly for even longer than humans have walked on the earth.

The threatened Mexican Spotted Owl and almost 100 other animal and plant “species of concern” are endangered by proposed uranium mining in the Grand Canyon area. Unknown numbers are endangered by active and proposed uranium mines in the US and elsewhere.
Mexican Spotted Owl US FWS
Gierisch Globe Mallow

Even ISL (In Situ Leach Uranium Mining) has a big ecological footprint, as can be seen in the picture below of Cameco’s Crow Butte ISL uranium…

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