MOORSIDE CONsultation – BOYCOTT TOSHIBA – Send a Giant Postcard to NuGen

Stop Moorside CONsultation poster


If you are going along to FESTIVALS  over the summer or just sitting out in the garden with the children why not have fun making a GIANT POSTCARD. Anything from A4 size upwards.  It could be images of the beautiful green fields and river Ehen which the developers plan to trash, or even of Thirlmere which NuGen (Toshiba.Westinghouse.Gdf Suez. Engie)  are planning to use as a freshwater resource.   Or you could go for something more gritty such as our poster image by Stew Art, brilliantly depicting nuclear waste and the insane eternal treadmill use of fresh water to cool that waste.

The CONsultation taking place now is a sham designed to “shape the plans” but you can write with your OPPOSITION – On the back of your POSTCARD  tell Toshiba (NuGen)  that you will boycott their products over this diabolic Moorside plan and ask them what are the reasons for their continued involvement in and promotion of dangerous nuclear energy.

Just send your decorated GIANT POSTCARD to:



For ideas on what to say there is more information on this blog and the online petition STOP MOORSIDE

Please send in photographs to Radiation Free Lakeland  (  and we will put up a GALLERY of OPPOSITION to MOORSIDE

The Poster Above can be PRINTED AND DISPLAYED –


Image by Stew Art

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