The Chernobyl Clock is ticking in Generations

Increases in diseases and genetic defects is the “new normal” … Come on people take a stand … more radioactive waste is on its way to Cumbria right now.



not until 2016, at the earliest, will we know the full number of those likely to develop serious medical conditions.” former Secretary-General Kofi Annan

Interview “Hessischer Rundfunk” (Radio Station Germany) with Dr. Rosa Goncharova, from Minsk, Belarus “The catastrophic genetic consequences of Low doses”:

1) NATURE ELIMINATES MUTATIONS. The Nuclear Industry uses this LATENCY Weapon against us, to create Dependence in Future.

2)Accordingly, the great majority of mutations, certainly well over 99%, are harmful .”Herman J Mueller – father of modern genetics. Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1946

3) The Increase in diseases and genetic defects is the new normal. And the accelerated evolution means we are NOT advanced, We will get older faster, and NOT be older. Each genetic benefit is an accident, NOT an adaptive response.

Radiation exposure is an inevitable side-effect of our atomic energy programs, as…

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3 thoughts on “The Chernobyl Clock is ticking in Generations

  1. German Pebble Bed reactor fuel was sent to Dounreay. I think that they are keeping the low and intermediate level waste from processing and you probably are getting the plutonium. It’s the twin to the one they are trying to send pebble balls from to the US. I know it’s not all of what you are getting but people need to understand that foreign waste is getting dumped on the UK (and the US) and it is a good example. Germany is also landfilling nuclear rubble from old reactors, I just read, as well as having sent nuclear waste to Italy, Russia, Africa, UK, US! The plutonium is so dangerous and so difficult to monitor. Look what happened to WIPP. They admitted that more got out than they thought only months later. It’s too late then. I still think that the plutonium is the most dangerous, though it’s hard to choose.

    These are two important links which I noticed in this reblog. This one is especially important from the Swiss Medical Society and it is very short and deals with the impacts of cesium on children’s hearts and if apple pectin helps them:
    There is nothing really low level because Chernobyl was not low level and the pending accidents in the UK will not be low level. At least one of the UK graphite reactors is due to crack through this year and the graphite, like at Chernobyl, may burn for a week or so. The second is some research about infant mortality post Fukushima. The blogger (Jan) says it discusses sex ratio, but it does not. It discusses important findings about mortality for all babies. If you go to the home it has information on Chernobyl and more (I think the studies about cancer near reactors). The situation shown by the links is actually more dire than the blogger at Tekk (Jan) portrays. In fact, what he says is not even found at the link, and maybe came from elsewhere (or not). He says: “Cesium 137 and Children : Cardiac insufficiency in 18% of children with less than 5 becquerel per kg, 65% in children with 11 to 26 becquerels per kg, 87% in children with 74 becquerels per kg” which he references as: After about 10 read throughs and a search I was unable to find his statement at the link. However, what I did find was probably worse. The original says: “We stratified children from rural areas of Belarus (caesium [137Cs] contamination >5 Ci/km2) by their 137Cs loads into three distinct groups (group 1, <5 Bq/kg body weight [BW]; group 2, 38.4 ± 2.4 Bq/kg BW; group 3, 122 ± 18.5 Bq/kg BW)…. "At study entry, pathological ECG findings were noted in 17 children (52%) in group 1, 26 children (84%) in group 2, and 29 children (93%) in group 3" (A Ci (curie) is 37 billion becquerels.) This is about all pathologies. There is nothing about cardiac insufficiency per se. It is important that this is actually how much caesium is in the bodies of the children because the soil is so contaminated. There is much important information in the study. For instance they discuss "subjective" things like nose bleeds which get better when they leave for the sanatorium. It says that "137Cs mainly concentrates in endocrine glands, pancreas, thymus, and heart. In these organs, levels 10 to 100 times higher than those in other organs are found in children…Autopsies performed in the Gomel area showed that heart disease and cases of sudden death were often associated with high levels of 137Cs in the myocardium." They don't tell us why, however, which is because the caesium replaces potassium needed for heart and muscles function.

    However, this blogger, Jan, is a good reminded that it is best to always check the original links.

      1. The one on caesium in children is 5 or 6 pages long and the one on infant mortality is maybe 3 pages long. They are worthwhile reading as either a reminder or to know how very serious Chernobyl and Fukushima are. If anyone can read the one on caesium impacting children’s hearts and health from eating the food and still think that nuclear is ok, they are hopeless anyway. But, it’s worse because some of the children get “clean” food and trips out of the nuclear free zone. That Swiss Medical Journal seems to be old and respected. It is very conservative. With more of these accidents and a growing population there won’t be clean food nor nuclear free zone. Then, of course, landfilling waste the waste poisons the food. According to SanOnofre Safety a nuclear waste accident will be far worse than Chernobyl. We all live on borrowed time.

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