Thirlmere Drought
Thirlmere Drought

United Utilities: “We have had discussions with NuGen who have told us that they expect to have cooling, construction and ongoing water use needs. At this stage in development their exact needs are unknown” Moorside Water from Thirlmere.EA-letter   pdf NuGen are asking the public to consult on their plans for 3 AP1000 reactors.  Meanwhile they are keeping schtum about how much fresh water the reactors and associated nuclear sprawl would require.  Would it be 1 million gallons of fresh water a day – two? three? or over 4 million gallons ?   At present over 4 million gallons a day are abstracted from Wastwater and other sources such as the Calder and the River Ehen to cool the highly radioactive heels of Sellafield.  To put Sellafield’s 4 million gallons of fresh water usage  into perspective: Thirlmere aqueduct, an underground tunnel from the Lake District, two metres wide and 84 miles long, moves up to 44 million gallons of fresh water every day into the Manchester water system. Nobody would begrudge water from the Lake District going to Manchester, we have plenty of it.  Well not really – the constant drain of freshwater to the nuclear industry means that West Cumbrians have to largely make do with borehole water while Sellafield sucks up the purest freshest water  from Wastwater to cool nuclear wastes.  Now plans are afoot to build a mega pipe line from Thirlmere to West Cumbria and documentation from United Utilities indicates that this is primarily to feed the unquenchable thirst of the nuclear industry. Unlike domestic homes the nuclear industry does not pay for the fresh water it consumes – it just has a nominal abstraction license. Stop Moorside 


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