Kick Nuclear Send Message of Support – *Stop Moorside* Demo this Saturday

Image by Stew Art
Image by Stew Art
AP1000 unit under construction in USA – Sellafield would be doubled in size with Moorside

Demonstration this Saturday 16th May from 11am outside Whitehaven Civic Hall STOP MOORSIDE London based group Kick Nuclear have sent a message of support for the Stop Moorside demonstration: The group Kick Nuclear wish to express their support for Radiation Free Lakeland in their objections to plans for building a new nuclear power station at Moorside. The plans are for three very large nuclear reactors with a combined capacity of 3,400MW of energy to be built at the site. The present joint owners of the project are 60% the Japanese company Toshiba and 40% the French one, GDF Suez (renamed “Engie” last month) and the reactors they intend to build are AP1000 pressurised water reactors, which are also designed and built by Toshiba,. We wish to put four objections to these plans: 1) Many studies have shown that nuclear reactors leak radiation into the surrounding ground and air and cause a rise in radiation-linked disease such as leukaemia in children living in the surrounding area. [See: 2) The Sellafield area is already the most polluted area in the British Isles in terms of radioactivity and the aim should be to get rid of all the radioactive pollution in the area and not add to it. 3) When things go wrong with nuclear reactors, as at Chernobyl and Fukushima, the consequences can be catastrophic. We should not take that risk. 4) Nuclear reactors produce large amounts of nuclear waste containing many radioactive substances some of which have half-lives lasting tens of thousands of years. We should not leave such a legacy for future generations to have to deal with and suffer the health effect of. The News and Star have reported on the forthcoming demonstration “No one, but no one, remembers when Sellafield was a beautiful fresh water tarn full of fish and thought to be a site of neolithic lake dwellers. “We ask people to join us in making sure that future generations know Cumbria as a fertile bountiful home rather than a nuclear sacrifice zone”.

4 thoughts on “Kick Nuclear Send Message of Support – *Stop Moorside* Demo this Saturday

  1. Simon Burdis

    Dear Marianne Do you have a petition with ? Would they accept one? Regards Simon

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  2. Simon Burdis

    I asked why public consultation events were not being held in other parts of the UK despite the fact they could be affected by Moorside. Have sent email to CCC Cabinet about independent radiation monitoring with request they liaise with Lancashire CC Cabinet. Copy to LCC and Tim Farron MP. Regards Simon

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