Demonstration to Stop Moorside …save “the boggles”

Sellafield Tarn Then... and Now
Sellafield Tarn Then… and Now

Moorside -

Join us on 16th May to say NO to Moorside. We will be handing out leaflets to counter the lies being promoted by the industry who are determined to push this diabolic plan along whatever it takes.  We (You! Us! )  must be equally determined to Stop Moorside…bring music, bring banners, bring friends, bring farmers, bring Cumbria Wildlife Trust, Bring Friends of the Lake District, bring hoteliers, bring fishermen…

We will be outside Whitehaven Civic Hall from 11am on the first day of the industry’s sham CONsultation. Sham because the consultation is a means to keep pulling Cumbrians along the radioactive road. The nuclear industry and that includes the nuclear weapons industry are on a genocidal path.

The same companies responsible for Fukushima are looking to build 3 dangerous nuclear reactors described by nuclear expert Arnie Gundersen as “Chernobyl on Steroids”.

No one, but no one, remembers when Sellafield was a beautiful freshwater Tarn and probably a site of neolithic lake dwellers . Lets make sure that future generations are spared from being in a position where they cannot remember Cumbria being anything but a nuclear sacrifice zone.

more information:

Sellafield Tarn:
“from the topographical and geological
conditions existing at ” the Boggles,” the (former) Ehen-
side Tarn, and in the surrounding Seascale district, there
can be little doubt that by well-directed inquiry there
would be found here yet unearthed a wealth of Neolithic
remains. …there may be here extensive remains of Neolithic Man. Dispersed over this area’ are gentle hills, with isolated depressions containing tarns or the remains of similar pools, now boggy places or marshy land (as at Ehenside) suggestive of habitations or lake dwellings. Thus, beginning at Nethertown (parish of St. Bees), we have (1) Nethertown
Tarn or Lady Moss ; (2) Silver Tarn ; (3) Hartlica Moss;
(3a) site of Gibb Tarn explored; (4) Braystones Tarn; (5)
Lanthern Tarn ; (G) Hollas Moss ; (7) Harnsey Moss, (8)
Church Moss, near St. Bridget’s, Beckermet; (9) Boggles,
about 40 or 50 acres, chiefly marshy land ; (10) Sellafield
Tarn, about 10 acres ; (11) Hall Senna Moss, Gosforth,
and others. These are all extremely suggestive of probable
Neolithic settlements; and, I think, Nos. 2, 4, 5, 10, and
11 especially”
pg 92 -4 Transactions of the Cumberland & Westmorland Antiquarian & Archaeological Society 1903

note: “Boggles” is the local term for “Bog Holes” the area of marshy ground along the River Ehen – or “Moorside”
Stop Moorside; “Cumbria already has Sellafield. The Sellafield site has the biggest amount of radioactivity on the planet. A major accident involving the liquid high level waste tanks would have catastrophic consequences and make the area uninhabitable for many generations. The area around the Sellafield site should be an untouchable buffer zone to:
a) provide a measure of safety for surrounding towns and villages
b) to accommodate the documented leakage of radiation from the Sellafield site into groundwater.
c) to minimise the target area for terrorist attack (instead of doubling it)

NuGen: “Between 16th May and 25th July we will be undertaking a first stage of Consultation on strategic issues. This will involve a number of consultation events (see Latest Consultation News for dates) and the publication of consultation documents, providing you with the initial information you need to consider the project, and to give you the opportunity to provide your views. Later in the year we will produce a report on what you have told us, and publish it on this site”.

2 thoughts on “Demonstration to Stop Moorside …save “the boggles”

  1. I love the Lake Dwellings. Had they re-built them pre-Sellafield or was it a picture? They have re-built them in Lake Constance (Bodensee) and they make a really nice living museum. They are built on piles just like the picture.

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