NuGen Admit Lying in Advert Published in Every Cumbrian Paper

NuGen logo

NuGen the developers behind the diabolic Moorside proposal have been caught out lying to the public in a double page advert for the CONsultation.  If these companies who built the Fukushima nuclear plant don’t know the difference between energy and electricity then why on earth should we believe the other lies that nuclear power is  “safe” and “low carbon” ?  Smoke and Mirrors are the order of the day in all things nuclear!

News and Star 28th April 2015

By Jonny Irving

Last updated at 15:14, Tuesday, 28 April 2015
A campaign group has complained to the Advertising Standards Authority about an advert for the proposed Moorside nuclear project.

Radiation Free Lakeland has made the complaint saying that the advert, which appeared in newspapers across Cumbria, included incorrect information.

The advert was placed by NuGen, which is in charge of the Moorside project next to the existing Sellafield plant in west Cumbria.

A spokesman for the firm said: “A recent newspaper advertisement, which sets out how NuGen will consult on our plans for a new nuclear power station in Cumbria, contains a statement which requires clarification.

“The statement [that was published] says ‘NuGen’s Moorside Project aims to provide approximately seven percent of the UK’s current energy requirement’. It should read ‘…approximately seven percent of the UK’s current electricity requirement’.

“We are taking steps to clarify the reference so it is clear it refers to electricity – and will update our consultation website.

“This point of clarification is not part of our public consultation.”

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