Barrow Children Under the Shadow in the North in Trident Town

Save Our Schoolshome-of-trident-barrow-in-furness

BAE, the biggest arms manufacturers in Europe plan to take over the education of Barrows’ school children.

Note: this is not inevitable – it can be stopped BAE do not take over until Sept …

Local Education Authorities, Councils and Services are being starved of cash so that the government can continue with its insane nuclear agenda which includes nuclear submarines – it doesn’t have to be this way!

In Phillip Pullman’s book The Shadow in the North, the industrialist Bellmann defends his weapons factory in Barrow, claiming that the creation of the Self- Regulator is good for humankind because it is a weapon too horrible to use and will promote peace, he argues that “there are poor children in Barrow who will eat and go to school because of what I have done”. Phillip Pullman’s  evil owner of the Barrow arms factory did not go as far as is happening in reality, the softly softly corruption of Barrow school children.  Children softly radicalised into believing that building clever nuclear weapons of mass destruction is a good way to spend a life times work.

Barrovian children have objected, they have protested strongly time and again against their perfectly good and honest schools being crapped over and scrapped to make way for the building of Furness Academy.  The only people who seem to have profited from the building of the hugely expensive multi £million  Furness Academy are the businessmen and the back room dealers

In 2007 the arms company BAE Systems  offered £400,000 to sponsor the proposed academy in Barrow-in-Furness, the Cumbrian town where the company builds nuclear submarines. This sponsorship was proffered at the same time the arms giant was under criminal investigation in Britain, the US and Europe over corruption allegations.  The nuclear industry and the nuclear weapons industry are of course mutually parasitic, feeding off each other. Parents were concerned about the influence  sponsors like BAE would have on children’s education.  Now after just a couple of years the expensive Furness Academy is failing and Europe’s biggest arms dealer are stepping in to ‘save the day’… looks like BAE are to have sole influence on Barrovian children!


Article below is hot off the press from RT  (Russia Today)… Europe’s largest arms manufacture BAE Systems has become the main sponsor of an under-performing school in the North West of England. From September the arms marker, which operates a dockyard in Barrow-in-Furness, will run the Furness Academy, which was created under the coalition government’s academies scheme by joining together three failing schools in the area. BAE previously tried to donate £400,000 to the academy in 2007, while the firm was under investigations of corrupt dealings.

The arms company is responsible for the construction of nuclear submarines at its base in the town, which are used in the controversial Trident program. The firm had a £15.4 billion turnover in 2014. BAE has set up a trust to run the school under its submarine-building arm. Campaigners worry the move will have an impact on the curriculum.

Sam Robinson, university coordinator for the Campaign Against the Arms Trade (CAAT), called the decision “deeply worrying.”

“The idea [BAE] could soon be playing a significant role in running one of our schools is deeply worrying. “It … gives them direct access to potential future employees and often allows them to influence the curriculum to suit their employment needs.”

Read more ​BBC arms trade ties troubling, BAE boss must resign from Trust – campaigners Robinson said the move means the school would be run on “profits from selling arms to some of the world’s most oppressive dictators.” The arms company will be tasked with boosting the academy’s performance. The school has been in special measures since 2012, following a spate of poor Ofsted inspection results.

The schools’ watchdog says improvements have been much too slow. Tony Johns, the managing director of BAE Systems Submarines, said in a statement: “We have for a long time supported local education at primary, secondary and college level, and see this positive step as an extension to our commitment in helping Furness Academy provide its students with the best possible education.” BAE has not issued a comment on the agreement.

Mallen Baker, a strategic advisor for corporate social responsibility, told Schools Week it was quite normal for local companies to invest in local education and, despite BAE’s arms dealings, the firm is simply investing in the future of the town. “Employers recognize that the quality of local recruits is influenced hugely by their quality of education,” he said. “Companies that invest in the local community will also get higher loyalty rates. “With BAE there is an additional factor – they deal with a controversial product. But armament is essential for the defense of the country and we believe in the right for our countries to defend themselves.”

2 thoughts on “Barrow Children Under the Shadow in the North in Trident Town

  1. Annabel

    Utter disgrace…. For shame on certain dysfunctional teachers at this failed Academy who seemingly support, “The softly softly corruption of underprivileged, nuclear Barrow (one of the most underprivileged wards in the whole of the UK), school children. Children softly radicalised into believing that building clever nuclear weapons of mass destruction is a good way to spend a life times work”… Recruits for the war industry?! But of course, they refer to it as “defence”. Like BAE under investigation for mass corruption (ongoing) Furness Academy sits under a cloud, it was and may still be under investigation for malpractice, has had numerous head teachers who were pushed or walked away, was in special measure till this year and also, has failed Ofsted several years in a row…. How is it possible that our education system has fallen into such disrepute? Michael Gove, the most appalling till recently, Minister for Education now “promoted” to Lord Chancellor for his seemingly “successful” efforts to dismantle and/or corporatise our education system… This country’s Government has sold out to corporatist GB. Once again, for shame….. where will it end?

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