Sending Highly Radioactive Waste to Landfills in the UK: Comment by 21 April; Vote 7 May

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The UK Magically Declares Highly Radioactive Waste Non Radioactive and Dustbins it throughout the Kingdom. This is not a joke. The amounts effectively declared “non-radioactive” (approx. 4000 Bq/kg) and sent to landfill are 6 x more radioactive than allowed for EU food (4 x greater than UK food rules; 40 x greater than Japanese rules) and allow 400 x more tritium (40,000 Bq/liter) than legally allowed in water. Clearly this will impact agriculture and drinking water. The becquerels will actually be much higher for fluffy things, which can be compacted, because this is based on volume and not weight. A small box which is 0.1m3 (47 cm x 47 cm x 47 cm) can hold up to 400,000 Becquerels (radioactive emissions per second). It is stated, in the definition of VLLW, that “Controls on disposal of this material, after removal from the premises where the wastes arose, are not…

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One thought on “Sending Highly Radioactive Waste to Landfills in the UK: Comment by 21 April; Vote 7 May

  1. People need to do like you and copy their comments to as many places as possible, especially to the UK Green Party. Also to any anti-nuclear parliamentarians, such as Zac Goldsmith – surely there are others? And, to newspapers. It’s also wrong that people have to put their names. It violates the whole idea of the anonymous vote. Most important is to get out the anti-nuclear vote. I’m certain that even some pro-nuclear wouldn’t want nuclear waste in landfill, though the amounts pale compared to what Sellafield is leaking on a yearly basis. However, it’s surely a trick to bring in French, German and Swiss waste. Shortly people will probably find large French reactor components in the Highlands of Scotland. Because over 50 million Scots are missing abroad due to historical UK policies, it will be easier to dump things there with no one noticing until it’s too late. I guess they can dump anyplace at night though. This happened in Tennessee, USA where they take nuclear waste to landfill. They found a large reactor parts from a few states away dumped in public landfill.

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