The Ecologist: To Dump Nuclear Waste, First They Must Dump Democracy!

Boreholes up to 150m being dug at Beckermet
100 ‘Exploratory’ Boreholes up to 150m being dug at Beckermet – for ‘Moorside’ a Trojan Horse for Nuclear Waste?

To dump nuclear waste, first they must dump democracy!

Article in the Ecologist – 2nd April

In the last act of the dying Parliament, MPs quietly voted to dump democratic planning processes to expedite a ‘facility’ for the high level nuclear waste in geologically fractured Cumbria, writes Marianne Birkby – so over-ruling strong and highly effective local opposition. Shame on them!

The nuclear industry concede that a nuclear burial site would
 definitely leak radioactive atoms that would get back up to the surface
 and into people’s drinking water and food – and so put them at risk of 
On the last law-making day of Parliament, MPs voted to dump democracy along with radioactive wastes.

There was no debate
 or even public vote in the lobbies of the Commons – voting was done by filling in 
a form. Incredibly MPs ‘voted’ 277 votes to 33 to dump democracy.

And in that act the dying Parliament gave birth to a monster – the adding of the geological disposal of radioactive wastes to the list of ‘Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects’ (NSIPs). Or as we see it in Cumbria, wiping out democracy to dump nuclear waste.

There were no notices of the impending birth. No outraged opinion pieces by environment journalists. No national countryside or environmental groups galvanising their members.

Full article here

Also in the Guardian today…Friends of the Earth quoted but where are they on nuclear?  Certainly no national campaign to halt this obscenity – their silence until  jumping up when asked for a quote by national press after the vicious deals are done is hair raising.  Come on FoE and Greenpeace lets see some active anti nuclear campaigning!

3 thoughts on “The Ecologist: To Dump Nuclear Waste, First They Must Dump Democracy!

  1. Jacqueline Donnelly

    Hi Marianne

    Have you seen the article in today’s Independent ‘UK nuclear strategy faces meltdown as faults are found in identical French project’ (re Hinckley Point).

    Regards Jacqueline Donnelly

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