The Weeping WIPP Road: WIPP Leaking from the Get-Go

The only geological dump in the world is in New Mexico- and it is leaking like a sieve… excellent article here

Mining Awareness +

If we contaminate our water supply, what is the meaning of national security, Dr. Maurice Weisberg, Radiologist, The WIPP Trail, 1989
From SRS to WIPP ca 1999
WIPP 22 May 2014
In this interview with Don Hancock re WIPP, “Insight New Mexico“:, he mentions 16 or 17 Curies of Plutonium and Americium emitted from the drum, i.e. 629 billion becquerels.

The situation at WIPP seems to be like a murder in plain sight, which no one sees. All of the information is there. Not only was it designed to fail due to salt creep slowly closing up the rooms, which would eventually crush the containers and increase any gas pressures because less volume is greater pressure, but it’s even worse. And, the problems have been known for over a quarter of a century, as discussed in “The WIPP Trail” documentary. Large amounts of the waste were known to have combustible materials. Furthermore, it’s…

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