Cumbria is the April Fool in this Nuclear Waste Scandal

Nuclear Waste Scandal, Daily Mail Letter  April 1. 2015
Nuclear Waste Scandal, Daily Mail Letter
April 1. 2015

Shockingly the Daily Mail is the ONLY paper to expose this – and even that with a somewhat neutered letter on the Letters Page…the original sent to all press is below

Nuclear Waste Scandal

In the last gasp of Parliament before the election, something momentous
and awful happened but who knew?

Who knew that our government had asked MPs to vote to make nuclear waste
dumps Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects? There was no debate
or even vote in the lobbies of the Commons, voting was done by filling in
a form. MPs voted 277 votes to 33 to dump democracy. Big NGO’s and the
press have played their part by their silence.

The normal checks and balances of democracy are wiped away by undemocratic
NSIP. Normal rules of planning protections are voided by NSIP. There would
be no public inquiry and no meaningful scrutiny or debate from full
council meetings.

The fig leaf of “positive test of public support” (still to be decided
upon by government!) would be followed by the final decision being made by
the Secretary of State.

There is a predetermined government agenda to “implement geological
disposal.” The UK government (in England only!) has signed up to
“implement geological disposal” and realistically only nuclear compliant
Cumbria is in the frame as nuclear patsy.

If our grandfathers’ and grandmothers’ had gone along with the dumping of
heat generating radioactive wastes deep under Cumbria would I now be
sitting at a desk in Cumbria drinking a glass of water and writing about
it? Many scientists and geologists have good reason to think not. They
have good reason to think that geological ‘disposal’ does not work.

Keeping heat generating nuclear wastes isolated from the biosphere is the
biggest challenge for mankind. The ruthless undemocratic push for
“implementation of geological disposal” is however a means to make ever
more nuclear wastes (useful only for weapons) by falsely promising “a
final solution.” “The final solution” of geological dumping of heat
generating nuclear wastes is now officially open for all manner of
corruption and can now be forced on Cumbria …but who knew?

Yours sincerely,

Marianne Birkby
On behalf of Radiation Free Lakeland

5 thoughts on “Cumbria is the April Fool in this Nuclear Waste Scandal

  1. Well Done on your letter Marianne, who would have thought that the only tabloid paper that would run your letter would be the right-wing Daily Mail. Could it be that at least their editors are waking up to the fact that it could go under anyones home now and there is not a thing they could do about it… (apart from get the legislation repealed)….

    1. You are right – it makes no odds whether you are a flag flying conservative or a banner waving communist – this affects us all, castles or communes and the sooner nuclear is banned the better!

  2. Bob Dennett

    Nothing ever changes with career politicians, they have been doing this for decades. I was in the Public gallery when they voted on the Infrastructure Bill, the biggest fit up I have ever seen. We will stop this and fracking because without fracking they won’t have anywhere to dispose of the waste whilst they are identifying and planning the Nuclear Disposal facility site.

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