Nuclear Waste Trains Pass Through Shooting of Red Deer

Save Leighton Moss Red Deer - Stop the Cull

Loaded flasks of nuclear wastes regularly travel through the Leighton Moss reserve in an area where red deer are being shot by the RSPB from specially built towers.  For those interested in what exactly is being carried in these flasks… this is from No Nuclear Trains:

“The used rods contain uranium and plutonium and are extremely radioactive. When taken from the reactor they are stored in cooling ponds at the power station for up to 18 months (thus contaminating the water). The rods are then loaded into water-filled lead-lined steel containers called ‘flasks’, onto which a lid is bolted. Each 50-ton flask is then washed down to remove radioactive surface contamination, loaded onto a lorry which carries it to the nearest railhead, then transferred onto a flat-bed railway waggon (which weighs about 100 tons). A metal cover or ‘cabin’ is placed over each flask.

Each flask contains about 2 tons of…

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