Letter in The Keswick Reminder: We Need to Talk About Moorside and Radioactive Wastes

Nuclear Waste Here?
Downing Street: Nuclear Waste Here? 

Letter: We Need toTalk About Moorside and Radioactive Wastes

20th March 2015

Dear Editor,

I attended the ‘Public Talk’ at the Skiddaw Hotel on 11th March, not that I would have known about it if I hadn’t read about it in your Letters column, via Rod and Jill Donnington-Smith.

It was quite a large gathering, sponsored by Radiation Free Lakeland. I was encouraged to see there was quite a ground-swell of protest against the Geological Disposal Facilities (GDFs) and Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects (NSIP). I have to confess though that I remain mystified by the whole question of Nuclear Energy, in spite of the disturbing read about the House of Lords having debated the issue, plus Martin Pugmire’s contribution regarding the RWM Meeting in Manchester and previous meetings organised by the Cumbria Trust.

However, the two main Speakers, Dr Ian Fairlie and Arnie Gundersen, put forward some very disturbing facts that should support our community in Cumbria being wary of contemplating the radio-active substances on its doorstop. I’d previously been led to believe that the radiation level was minimal – even when accidents did occur – but hearing the data on child leukaemia and how vulnerable the Japanese were, after the tsunami hit their nuclear plant, I don’t think anyone should be complacent burying nuclear waste anywhere.

We were informed there was so much secrecy surrounding the whole issue of nuclear energy (both from within industry and government) and that it might be a good idea to take a leaf out of Germany’s example and concentrate our efforts on establishing renewable energy from the sun, the wind and the waves, after all these sources would be much cleaner and safer and perhaps in the long run, much cheaper.

During the event I was sitting next to a young man and asked him what he had thought of the meeting. After all it will be for his generation to sort out the ‘mess’ my generation has made of our dealings with each other. Having polluted the planet to such a degree that will probably leave future generations without safe food to to eat and safe water to drink.

A plea was made by ‘Friends of the Earth’ for everyone to consider how they voted at the coming elections. But which political party has the courage to decide about nuclear energy (assuming they have the correct information to go on)? No party seems all that willing to ‘regulate’ (or change) the economic system which is currently allowing so much corruption and is responsible for so much ‘inequality’ in our society. Is it because there is too much influence from ‘vested interests’ within industry preventing them seeing the moral issues involved? It will be interesting to read what your readers think.

Alan Partington, Keswick

2 thoughts on “Letter in The Keswick Reminder: We Need to Talk About Moorside and Radioactive Wastes

  1. The US Environmental Protection Agency http://www.epa.gov/radiation/radionuclides provides evidence to support the NIRS (Nuclear Information and Resource Service – nirsnet@nirs.org) evidence that there is no safe dose of radiation. Health effects from exposure to individual radionuclides are now available. In Somerset waste and decommissioning emissions from Hinkley Point have resulted in a tenfold increase in Caesium 137 which causes sudden death, heart attacks, strokes and brain tumours.

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