Tim Farron : Save Democracy in Cumbria from Being Dumped along with Nuclear Wastes

Tim Farron MP 20th March 2015

Many thanks to everyone who came along to our meeting today with Tim Farron MP.  We urged our MP to do everything within his power to ensure our democratic rights are not dumped along with radioactive wastes.  We asked Tim Farron to ensure that geological dumping of nuclear wastes is not made a Nationally Significantly Infrastructure Project when Parliament votes on this next wednesday 25th

Tim Farron was surprised to see that Copper Consultancy were instrumental in advising government on the devious plan to make nuclear dumping NSIP (Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project)..they have just been appointed as PR managers for Moorside (where boreholes up to 150m are being drilled)

In Copper Consultancy’s response to the DECC consultation on radioactive waste management in 2013  they said that “allowing local authorities to determine the outcome of a process which is designed to deliver a national Government policy may not be the most appropriate route”


Copper Consulting go on to say : “local authorities are consultees rather than decision makers. The final decision rests with the Planning Inspectorate and the Secretary of State. A logical conclusion might therefore be to classify the GDF as an NSIP”

As well as the plan to dump democracy a new and PR improved fig leaf of “Stakeholder” engagement is underway  with the newly formed RWM (ironically named “Radioactive Waste Management”) – the grandson of NIREX, son of MRWS. There is only one aim and that is to deliver a geological disposal facility.

We urge people to go along not as “stakeholders” in this process to “implement geological disposal” but to go along as Stakeholders in Our Land, Our Air, Our Water and to oppose the diabolic plan.  The first meeting was in Manchester yesterday where we have heard that RWM got some serious stick… “Their only up and running ‘safety case’ for wanting geological disposal is WIPP in Carlsbad – where fire broke out and caused a huge radioactive release into the atmosphere and the ceiling collapsed.”    The next meetings are in London (25th March) and Bristol (26th) .  Strangely none in Cumbria!!

Please email your MP …..BEFORE WEDNESDAY 25th to say

NO to NSIP for Geological Dumping of Nuclear Wastes.

Even a short email would be great sent before Wednesday 25th.  Feel free to use the letter below for inspiration.

Dear ….MP

Please safeguard our right to say no to the geological disposal of nuclear wastes.  Please vote NO on Wednesday the 25th to the Infrastructure Planning (Radioactive Waste Geological Disposal Facilities) Order 2015, which extends the categories of Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects (‘NSIPs’) contained in the Planning Act 2008 to geological disposal facilities to store radioactive nuclear waste.  

This NSIP extension would remove the last hurdle to “implementing geological disposal” i.e. it would remove the democratic right of the public to say no.   This is what  lawyers Bircham Dyson Bell say about the plan to make geological dumping of nuclear wastes NSIP:   “Of course this isn’t a random extension to the regime, the government has in mind the creation of one such facility, likely to be in Cumbria. It tried before but in January 2013 the project was vetoed by Cumbria County Council. It’s trying again and for obvious reasons has removed the ability for a county council to veto the process.  Even if there is only one site that gets to the stage of a borehole, there should be at least two NSIPs – one for the borehole (and possibly more) and then one for the facility itself”.

Under NSIP there would be no Planning Inquiry to scrutinise the plan.  Eminent geologists and the Inspector of the 1995-6 Nirex Planning Inquiry looked at the disposal of intermediate nuclear wastes in Cumbria and concluded that the geology is too complex.  Given that the geology is known to be unsound in Cumbria for burial of Intermediate nuclear wastes and that the Radioactive Waste Management process now includes heat-generating High Level Wastes & spent fuel, the plan to dump democracy is frightening.

Please vote No on Wednesday.

yours sincerely,




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