We Need to Talk About Moorside – Letter in the Keswick Reminder

Keswick Reminder

Dear Editor,

Arnie Gundersen and Ian Fairlie

In West Cumbria we already host Sellafield, one of the most hazardous sites
in the world. It is now proposed that three new nuclear power plants are to
be built next door at Moorside and the threat of a Geological Disposal
Facility (GDF) being imposed on us still remains.

On Wednesday 11 March at 7.30 Arnie Gunderson and Ian Fairlie, two
internationally respected authorities on the nuclear industry, will be
speaking at the Skiddaw Hotel about the Moorside project and the Waste
Isolation Pilot Project near Carlsbad in New Mexico, which is very relevant
to Cumbrians as it is the only GDF currently in operation anywhere in the
world. It has had its problems with canisters containing waste exploding and
roofs collapsing.

Whether you agree with these possible developments or not, this should be an
interesting evening and certainly you can guarantee that more detailed
information will be available than would be published by the Nuclear
industry itself through its mouth piece the “Britain’s Energy Coast”

Yours faithfully,

Rod & Jill Donington-Smith

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