Fukushima Vigil at “Moorside”

Fukushima Vigil March 12. 2015

A Vigil to remember the 4th anniversary of the ongoing Fukushima Daiichi disaster. We will meet at St Bridgets Church, Beckermet- a stones throw from the planned diabolic “Mooriside” site. Arnie Gundersen from the US will be joining us. We will light candles to remember.

Meet 10.30am  outside St Bridgets Church, Beckermet 



One thought on “Fukushima Vigil at “Moorside”

  1. Most definitely a great and necessary event! It’s wonderful that you have such a world renowned expert like Arnie Gundersen attending.

    Here is a video to explain with a simple visual how nuclear radiation causes cancer. The video explains a Nobel Prize winning discovery. Also, researchers at UCLA published just last year that radiation ‘therapy’ increases the malignancy of healthy cells thirty times. The video will explain why.

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