Why are Conservation Groups IGNORING Moorside While Objecting to Pylons?

Reactors under construction in US – AP 1000 Cooling towers are up to 243 metres high The pylons proposed are up to 65 metres.  Maybe could fit them all in the 3 or 4 cooling towers? If the Moorside plant does not have cooling towers it would have instead vast heat exchange installations churning up the radioactively contaminated Irish Sea.

Friends of the Lake District and the Lake District National Park Authority are getting together to oppose pylons through the Lakes from the proposed diabolic Moorside nuclear plant.  People think this is grand – this is great, at last some action. BUT to “support the offshore route for pylons”  while IGNORING Moorside, while keeping schtum about the plan to more than double Sellafield’s footprint  merely piles on the pressure for new nuclear build.  The pylons WILL NOT go ahead if Moorside is scrapped, and it should be, the sooner the better. Local councils and organisations including the Lake District National Park Authority and Friends of the Lake District join Power without Pylons launched today in calling for the offshore route.  Friends of the Lake District Policy Officer, Dan Hunt, commented: “Power Without Pylons have worked hard on researching into the options for connecting Moorside to the grid.  They have a thorough grasp of the issues and have helped inform our organisation.  Friends of the Lake District joins PWP in campaigning for the offshore route as the least damaging for the landscape and least disruptive for local communities.  We fully support the efforts the group is making to alert the public to the damaging effects huge pylons would have on our wonderful landscapes.”  Graham Pitts said: “Support for the offshore route is growing, as we help more and more people realise the impact new onshore power lines would have. Together we’re determined to win this fight.” Friends of the Lake District and The Lake District National Park  are “determined to win this fight” on the pylons- while not even engaging in the fight to STOP MOORSIDE?   Friends of the Lake District and other conservation groups say they are waiting for the Moorside CONsultation (which will be produced by the developers NUGEN)  By the time the CONsultation takes place on Moorside the 100 boreholes up to 150 metres deep will have been drilled (no consultation) …and the CONsultation will be on the design of the reactors – what valve do you want where? Never mind the pylons – what about the Nuclear Obscenity?

6 thoughts on “Why are Conservation Groups IGNORING Moorside While Objecting to Pylons?

  1. julia dudley

    For all the world it seems to me those ‘with’ money will not let go of the idea that everything must be stage managed by big business, and I mean everything. Imagine a world where every community worked out its needs and provided for those with off grid renewables supplies. Framing energy to neighbouring communities for special events or selling of surpluses.
    But we can’t have autonomy form the state, from big business, all that wealth would slip through their fingers and they’d loose control. What other sane reason can you see? Its time the establishment where routed out for the barmy army they are.
    http://www.EradicatingEcocide.com for more support and to lend a hand to stopping this insanity. Make ecocide a crime against peace, across the world.

  2. Hi there
    Fully support your views, solve the problem at source and the secondary issues just disapear, no Moronside no pylons.
    From an electrical engineering perspective the siting of Moronside is wrong simply because there is no supporting infrastructure, ie a 400Kv grid supply point. This can be likened to either having gas central heating fitted knowing you have no gas supply or using your hoover in the living room with it connected to a supply in someone else’s house in another street.
    Nuclear is not cost effective long term, it’s a wild animal that is only safe when caged and once released will kill at will!


  3. Roy

    Hi there

    I have been pondering the excuses being given by electricity northwest for not using the offshore route and in my opinion they are just excuses. They say that they have not connected a nuclear power station using this technology before but alternating current is alternating current whether it is generated by nuclear, coal or hydro and it is only the method used to provide the energy to spin the generators that is different. I am of the opinion that the consultation is just a public front and that the route had been decided before anyone had a chance to say anything. If you visit this site http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-glasgow-west-17061069 it shows that a major one billion pound project is already underway to connect the Hunterston nuclear plant to the grid on the Wirral using HVDC cables offshore, so the offshore route was viable.


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