The nuclear waste problem elsewhere – Hanford, USA

Borehole “disposal”. There are 100 boreholes being drilled right now between Sellafield and the pretty village of Beckermet supposedly for “Moorside”

Cumbria Trust

USA Energy secretary: Some Hanford waste might go down deep boreholes!

Cesium and strontium capsules are stored underwater in central Hanford. US Dept of Energy Cesium and strontium capsules are stored underwater in central Hanford. US Dept of Energy

The cesium and strontium capsules stored at Hanford might be disposed of sooner if a demonstration project proposed for deep borehole disposal of radioactive waste is successful.

Hanford has 1,936 capsules filled with strontium and cesium removed from the high-level waste tanks at Hanford in 1972 to reduce the temperature of the waste inside those tanks.

The capsules, which contain about a third of the total radioactivity at Hanford, are stored in an underwater pool in central part of the reservation. They had been planned to be sent to a proposed repository at Yucca Mountain, Nev., before the Obama administration stopped work on that facility.

Now a permanent federal repository for high-level waste is not expected to be available before 2048, but some DOE officials…

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One thought on “The nuclear waste problem elsewhere – Hanford, USA

  1. This was used at Oak Ridge Tenn and leaked, of course. There is a great old document that I am still looking for on it, with diagrams. I think that it was done in the 50s or 60s and they noticed it contaminated nearby areas by the 70s or 80s. But, looking online for the lost doc, I found that this borehole dumping has already been used elsewhere, even at Hanford in the past. A waste shaft is what blew up at Dounreay, too. They keep recycling the same dangerous ideas for nuclear waste and reactors. WIPP was kept experimental for a long time, if not the entire time, so that they could by-pass environmental regs. They knew it was leaking brine very early on, before it was officially opened. The US is simply cutting out the radioactive section, pressure vessel and all, of the US nuclear subs, capping the ends, and burying them at Hanford. I doubt there was a consultation. UK MOD is comparatively transparent on the topic and at least proposes to keep them accessible, albeit “remote” from London. Hanford is much farther from DC, however. I can’t even find where the US is dismantling the subs (only one of 7 west coast facilities) but suspect that it is near where the baby sea lions are sick because there is a naval base there and there has been known rad waste dumping there in the past. This is a smaller ocean rad waste dump. There is a bigger one to the north. I think the dumping was done by Rockwell International in California who had at least one experimental reactor meltdown that is never heard of – I think another salt one. They had many experimental reactors. They are the ones who were handling Rocky Flats so shoddily that there was a government raid, I’m pretty certain. Hanford, by the way, is still claimed by American Indians who were shoved off the site for the nuclear facility! They are supposed to have input but I seriously doubt they approve burial of old nuclear sub reactors pressure vessels. The Lucens reactor in Switzerland melted down underground and continues to leak radionuclides. I would almost bet my life that WIPP has either leaked into the river or is on its way, based on the documents that I have read recently. The earliest parts are almost certainly full of water by now because water was coming up through test boreholes. What has been done with the waste is so far-fetched that when I first was told that they were burying it still I thought they person was confused. Oh, the US DOE had incinerators illegally burn rad waste throughout the US probably late 80s, as well as early 90s (when they were caught) based on “National Security” – they wouldn’t want the Russians to know what was in the transported waste! It was being burned unfiltered with other unfiltered hazardous waste in Louisiana is how it came to the attention of authorities. But, it was done across the USA. Stranger still is that it was being burned in the same town (Baton Rouge) that the Governor (Edwards) lived in and the governor was apparently protecting the company (Rollins) doing the illegal burning! Governor Edwards appears to have been directly or indirectly tied in with the New Orleans mafia boss – Carlos Marcello, via Charles Roemer.
    All very far-fetched but true and well documented, mostly government docs too. Reality is stranger than fiction.

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