Letter to The Rt Rev. the Lord Bishop of Carlisle

April 26th  2011 outside Carlisle Cathedral
April 26th 2011 outside Carlisle Cathedral

LETTER SENT TODAY – PLEASE WRITE TO CUMBRIAN LORDS  and anyone else who might expose what is happening and take a stand ……

Dear Lord Bishop,

I am sure  you would agree, even with your unstinting support for nuclear
developments, that the hard won planning protections for ancient monuments and special sites of conservation should not be scrapped in Cumbria.

This is what is being proposed right now with Cumbria specifically in
mind. On Wednesday (25th Feb) the House of Lords under the Chair of Baroness Verma will be discussing in Grand Committee in the Moses Room at 3.45pm the
plan to push through legislation that will remove our right, and the
right of Cumbria County Council, to object to burying radioactive waste
underground, anywhere!

Government hope to do this by 2016 by adding geological disposal
facilities (GDFs) to the list of NSIPs (Nationally Significant
Infrastructure Projects). NSIP forces through the government’s plans
for New Nuclear by denying communities the voice usually afforded to them
via public inquiries.

The government hoped the Nuclear waste ‘problem’ was going to be solved by
communities coming forward to volunteer to take the waste, now that plan
has fallen by the wayside the government want to impose it (not only by
trying to remove Cumbria County Council’s right of veto but also ) by
designating it as NSIP.

The hard won protections of planning permission, listed building consent,
scheduled monument consent and conservation area consent amongst others
ARE NOT REQUIRED for Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects.

This already seems to be happening with regard “Moorside” where 100
“exploratory” boreholes up to 150m deep are being dug right now on what
should be protected land (next to St Bridgets Church and on the SSSI flood
plain of the river Ehen). The one hundred boreholes are it is said for
New Nuclear Build and have been given permission on the say so of one
official in Copeland Borough Council. In the same area one wind turbine
up to 30m high was turned down on grounds of wildlife and landscape (by
600-800ft high towers or vast installations at sea would cool the toxic
heat of “Moorside”). Peterburgh farm where the one wind turbine was
turned down amid much scrutiny would be flattened as it would be the
“Moorside” boundary just a five minute walk from the village of Beckermet.

This total lack of scrutiny over nuclear developments will escalate should
Geological Disposal Facilities (including “borehole disposal” from 150m
deep of nuclear wastes ) be added to the already undemocratic NSIP

Please join other Cumbrians who love our land and say no to this
plan to turn Cumbria into Europe’s largest nuclear sacrifice zone.

yours sincerely,

Marianne Birkby
on behalf of Radiation Free Lakeland

more information here

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