Moorside – An Excellent Assessment by Cumbrians Opposed to a Radioactive Environment (CORE)

Hinkley and Moorside vs lights
The plan for Moorside – Not only diabolic but also miles from where electricity is needed.

Many thanks to CORE who have produced an authoritative document on the plan for 3 untried untested nuclear reactors  a five minute walk from the centre of the pretty village of Beckermet.

” a Chinese nuclear industry expert expressed the view that ‘the delays have illustrated shortcomings in China’s nuclear sector, particularly when dealing with immature and first-of-a-kind technologies such as those found in the AP1000 reactor’ and that ‘Chinese officials feel Westinghouse oversold the system, oversold the technology, promised more than they could really deliver’.  ”

The full assessment which is well worth reading is here:

Have a look also at our own report which touches on issues not covered by COREs report

Including: Health, Water, and the Connection with Nuclear Weapons.

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