Today the cull starts… or did it start already?

Please contact the RSPB …to oppose this cull of red deer which have been here since the ice age… Nuclear waste goes through here, from Heysham to Sellafield, near the newly erected shooting towers, is it a good idea to be shooting deer near these train tracks???

Save Leighton Moss Red Deer - Stop the Cull

Deer Cull Today! No!

We thought maybe the deer had a reprieve at least until we could make a case to stop the cull – and then we thought what if Leighton Moss want to get on and do the deed before any articles appear in the press.

So a couple of us went to Leighton Moss before dawn this morning planning to sit in the Grisdale and Jackson hide and watch out for the deer and any possible Deer Initiative people (the same who shot the Sellafield Deer ) who have been employed to do the shooting.   We got met by Robin Horner the centre manager just as we were going into the reserve – he said the way was blocked to the public because of “management activity”  …he was joined by another colleague who was repeating the line  that “its for the good of the whole reserve”   shortly after there was…

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