Still Fighting For Gemma – this Film is a Must Watch for EVERYONE with an interest in the truth about Sellafield

STILL Fighting for Gemma. This TV Movie was made by Granada in 1993.

The film, Fighting for Gemma, documents the true story also told in the book

“Still Fighting for Gemma”

..of a Cumbrian girl whose father worked at Sellafield.  When the girl of four develops leukaemia and other children in the same village have the disease, the finger of suspicion lies with the nuclear reprocessing plant.  The film truthfully and painfully exposes the death grip that Sellafield has over the area “people are more afraid of unemployment than radiation.”

What has changed since 1993?  Well for starters a film like this would NEVER be made now in this era of nuclear cheerleading.

Sellafield now has an accelerated program of reprocessing, the pipeline is still there, still chucking radioactive wastes out to sea.  Greenpeace  haven’t sent any more ships to block the pipeline.   There are now more pathways for radioactive releases into the environment with radioactive waste now routinely going into Cumbrian landfill and Europe’s only radioactive scrap metal plant at Lillyhall is receiving tonnes of radioactive scrap metal to “clean up” and sell onto the open market. Gemma’s leukaemia is one of the many illnesses designated by our politicians as ‘nuclear health detriment’ which Chris Huhne when Energy Secretary of State (now a convicted liar)  unilaterally decided “was justified by the benefits of nuclear power”.

There is now globally published evidence that there is NO safe dose of nuclear radiation exposure.

There are calls  for the Nuclear National Policy Statement to be reconsidered in the light of all the new evidence. The village of Beckermet is set to receive 3 dangerous reactors and associated sprawl just a five minute walk from the centre of the village.  This would double the nuclear sprawl of Sellafield. There can be no justification at all for any industry to operate with such a cost to human life.  Sellafield’s and the nuclear industry’s death grip is tighter than it was in 1993.

2 thoughts on “Still Fighting For Gemma – this Film is a Must Watch for EVERYONE with an interest in the truth about Sellafield

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