A Tale of Two Planning Applications. One Wind Turbine V One Hundred Bore Holes

1898 Sellafield Tarn and Beckermet
1898 Sellafield Tarn and Beckermet
Nuclear Crime Scene - Lakeland
Drilling Rig – 100 boreholes will be dug here in an area of geological faults near Sellafield unless…….

Tomorrow at 2pm Copeland Borough Council’s Development Control Committee will be discussing once again the one 30 metre wind turbine for Petersburgh Farm.  Councillors went against the advice of their officers and turned it down on the grounds of wildlife, beauty, noise and the  like.  This contrasts with NO SCRUTINY for 100 boreholes up to 15o m in the same area, the decision to go ahead with the 100 boreholes was left to one Development Manager.

PLEASE WRITE AND ASK that Copeland support this one wind turbine or if they feel the area is too beautiful for one wind turbine ask why on earth are they are supporting – the drilling of 100 boreholes up to 150m deep in the same area in preparation for  the madness of  “Moorside”  ?   write to: devcontrol@copeland.gov.uk

Copeland Councillors emails …


Dear Copeland Councillor,

On Wednesday 21st January your Development Control Committee will once
again be discussing the plan for one wind turbine at Petersburgh Farm,

Radiation Free Lakeland fully support your officers in their assessment
that this application should be approved. We do however applaud your
scrutiny as councillors on this issue despite disagreeing with your
decision to turn the wind turbine down. We would agree with you that this
area, Beckermet village and its surrounds is diverse in wildlife, ancient
hedgerows, is beautiful and contains two SSSIs of Church Moss and the
River Ehen. We support the wind turbine as it would help ensure the
resilience of farming in this area, an area historically fertile and which
prior to Sellafield supported several farms.

We would like to share with you correspondence on this same area regarding
the “Moorside Project’ and the appalling lack of democratic oversight with
regards the planning application for 100 boreholes up to 150m. We would
remind you that Petersburgh Farm is on the boundary of “Moorside” and that
the farm would be demolished and made into a “bund’ should “Moorside” go

Please do read the following correspondence between Radiation Free
Lakeland and Tim Farron MP
Yours sincerely,
Marianne Birkby

Correspondence with Tim Farron MP
13th January 2013

Dear Tim,

Thanks for your email. I’ve gone through your constituent’s letter
point by point

1. Is Moorside “Europe’s Largest New Nuclear Development” ? Yes, this
is the description used by the National Skills Academy for Nuclear and

2. Who will own and run it? NuGen is 60% owned by Toshiba Westinghouse.
GDF SUEZ has a 40% stake. After the first year of operations
Toshiba/Westinghouse intend to sell their 60% stake. So we do not know
who would own and run it , but Toshiba and Hitachi built Fukushima.

3. Was it passed in 2011 (or 2012 according to NuGen correspondence with
us) without any scrutiny? The planning application for 100 exploratory
boreholes over 500 green acres in Beckermet was received on the 8th
October 2011 and delegated to one Development Manager of Copeland Borough
Council. The development was passed one month later.
Nugen say they were given “full planning permission on 11th November 2011”
(letter from Fergus McMorrow, Cumbria Planning Lead, NuGen Ltd to Rachel
Carrol, Planning Officer, Copeland BC, 28th Dec 2012)
The “extensive consultation” over that one month was limited to:
• Beckermet Parish Council who raised no objection,
• Office for Nuclear Regulation who raised no objection apart from
that the site be incorporated into the Sellafield Site Emergency Plan,
• Scientific Officer of Copeland BC who raised no objection with the
caveat that “if any contamination is identified, work should stop”,
• Environmental Health Officer of Copeland BC – no objection
• Head of Nuclear and Energy Development of Copeland BC – no objection

Radiation Free Lakeland did not know of this planning application, and it
seems no one else did, there is just one objection, from a resident
This is in contrast to for example the planning application for one wind
turbine at Petersburgh Farm (on the boundary of Moorside) which raised
huge discussion by the full council with additional reports from all
quarters and was turned down.

4. Has the correct procedure been followed? When Radiation Free Lakeland
asked NuGen about the lack of environmental impact assessments or
consultation for 100 boreholes up to 150m deep in area of greenfields,
hedgerows and two SSSI protected sites (the River Ehen and Church Moss).
The reply was “You will not find permits for the boreholes currently being
drilled on the Moorside site as they are not required.“ The planning
consent NuGen was granted in 2012 (??) permits the drilling of the
boreholes. The Environment Agency are aware of this activity … a specific
permit is not required…”
In their 2011 planning application for the 100 Boreholes NuGen say there
are “no protected and priority species,” when there is a huge diversity of
wildlife including species on the red list.NuGEN also says “there are no
trees or hedgerows” — again this is a fraud, there are at least 12 miles
of ancient hedgerows and trees. NuGEN says that “there are no designated
or important habitats or other biodiversity features” — again this is
fraudulent. They say there will be no contamination when the groundwater
(outside the Sellafield site) is documented by Sellafield as containing
radioactive contamination.
5. Have Copeland Borough Council and Cumbria Council been mis-guided,
sidelined, deceived or misled into making a less than democratic decision?
Yes! Copeland Borough Councillers were not allowed discussion or decision
– the decision was taken by one Development Manager. It seems Cumbria
County Council was not consulted at all on the plan for 100 boreholes in
the vicinity of the worlds most dangerous nuclear wastes, on geological
faults and an area of known groundwater contamination.
We share the concerns of your new constituents and ask you as our MP and a
representative of government to:
a) Ask what discussions have taken place with government and Copeland
Borough Council leading to scrapping due democratic process on this
“exploratory” 100 borehole development for Moorside. Is this a taste of
things to come?
b) Ask Copeland Borough Council to place all the documents relating
to the
100 borehole planning application and consent online. Radiation Free
Lakeland are constantly having to justify our telling of the awful truth
about this which seems crazy to lay people who assume that democracy and
due process is being upheld.

Many Thanks!

Yours sincerely,

Marianne Birkby
On behalf of Radiation Free Lakeland

I have placed some documents refererred to above on file share but not
sure if this will work …. I could put them on a disc – Or –
Please could you ask Copeland BC for them to be made available to the
public online ?



> Ms. Marianne Birkby

> Our Ref: Birk004/45/ag
> 12 January 2015
> Dear Marianne
> I wonder if I might for once seek your assistance because I suspect that
> you will be far more up to date with information in response to the
> following questions that have been posed.
> If you could supply the relevant answers with the benefit of your close
> connections with campaigners in west cumbria, I and these constituents
> would be extremely grateful and you might well enlist more supporters!
> With best wishes
> Yours sincerely
> Tim Farron MP
> We moved from Rory Stewart’s Constituency into your Constituency on
> December 2013. As MP for South Lakeland, we thought you may know soemthing
> about the background to the development of the nuclear power site in
> Cumbria near the village of Beckermet in the Copeland Borough. It is being
> built at Petersburgh and Greenmoorside Farm, a beautiful historically
> fertile lowland area between the Lakeland mountains and Irish Sea. Have
> you heard about this development in Parliament, and are you satisfied that
> the planning application has gone through the correct channels?
> This Nuclear Power development is described as ‘the biggest nuclear
> development in Europe’ to be built by the company that built Fukushima.
> Who will own it and run it? Is it another of our Country’s assets to be
> owned by other Nationalities.
> We, the general public, have heard very little about its progress through
> the planning system. Was it passed in 2011 or 2012? Who knew about it?
> The application has been dealt with without any scrutiny or discussion by
> either Copeland Borough Council or Cumbria County Council. The decision
> was delegated to the Development Manager of Copeland Borough Council
> alone. Is it possible for such a major decision be made by one man or
> woman? Has the correct procedure been followed? What has been the
> Government’s involvement? What influence was used by the Nuclear Power
> Industry? Have Copeland Borough Council and Cumbria Council been
> mis-guided, sidelined, deceived or mislead into making a less than
> democratic decision?
> While Copeland Borough Council gives its full scrutiny to any applications
> for wind turbines,(a single wind turbine’s application at Petersburgh
> being refused in 2014 after full scrutiny) the same is not true for
> nuclear planning applications. The application from the Nuclear Industry
> for a 100 boreholes in the same area was given consent in 2011 (or 2012?)
> without any scrutiny or discussion either by Copeland Council or Cumbria
> County Council. Did the Government in the South and Nuclear Industry
> ignore them?
> We have no faith in the way this Government has renaged on its Renewable
> Energy Policies and its delusion in calling Nuclear Power ‘green energy’.
> ?

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