Any Old Subs..Any Old Subs?? Here are 27 Nuclear Subs for Sellafield?

HMS Churchill launch in Barrow 1968
HMS Churchill launch in Barrow 1968              
"Receptor"  on the Duddon Estuary
on the Duddon Estuary

On 27th January at The Beacon, Radiation Free Lakeland will be holding a demonstration opposing the dumping of 27 nuclear submarines at Sellafield.

We will meet at 11am – 2pm outside The Beacon in Whitehaven…

with our alternative exhibition and information.  There may be singing!

The Ministry of Defence’s exhibition and workshop starts at 12 noon.  We urge people to join us in demonstrating and opposing the dumping of nuclear submarines at Sellafield.  This is the most dangerous nuclear site in Europe, and as we are told a “prime terrorist target.”   Making Sellafield the MOD’s ongoing Nuclear Submarine Graveyard would link the site even more closely with the MOD and put Cumbria at even greater risk.  Not to mention the fact that Sellafield cannot cope with the accumulating radioactive waste already at the site.

In 1968 yours truly went with other Furness 6 year olds to cheer the launch of the “superclass” nuclear submarine HMS Churchill built in Barrow.  We didn’t know then that there are liquid and gaseous radioactive waste emissions to sea and air from the building of nuclear submarines : “Radiological Habits Survey: Barrow and the south-west Cumbrian Coast”.   Barrovians are now very helpfully told that the nuclear sub building emissions are dwarfed by the emissions from Sellafield :

“The discharges from the Barrow nuclear site are minor compared with those from other nuclear sites located on the north-west coast of England. The coast and sea area in the vicinity of Barrow-in- Furness and south-west Cumbria may be affected by discharges of liquid radioactive waste from these sites, most notably Sellafield”.

Back to 1968 and that is me you can hear cheering and waving a Union Jack.  HMS Churchill was launched by Churchill’s daughter and this nuclear power “hunter killer”  submarine served with the Royal Navy from 1968 to the early 1990s.

The wikipedia page informs us under “Fate” that HMS Churchill is “awaiting disposal” along with another 26 nuclear subs.

There is an excellent analysis of the situation here from the

Close Capenhurst campaign

Ministry of Defence Invitation:

4 thoughts on “Any Old Subs..Any Old Subs?? Here are 27 Nuclear Subs for Sellafield?

  1. CaptD

    Image owning a huge ☢ dog and telling everyone that you are unable to clean up after it! ☢ is far worse because once it is on your shoe it does not come off, ask the Japanese that are trying to deal with the Trillion Dollar Eco-Disaster at Fukushima.

  2. Song from an idea by Martyn Lowe….

    Any Old Subs, Any Old Subs,
    Any, Any, Any Old Subs
    Poison Sweeps, Radiation Creeps,
    You’re So NukeWasted, From Your Head To Your Feet
    Plutonium Style, Nukiller Smile,
    And Your Fathers Young Bones Stolen,
    But I Wouldnt Give You Tuppence For Your Old Nuke Subs,
    NO Radioactive Scrap Iron

    Stick The Nuke Agenda, Stick The Nuke Agenda
    Stop The Nuke Agenda, STOP NOW


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