India as Dumping Ground for Dangerous, Discredited, Nuclear Technology? The UK and US are too!

Baroness Verma who ran a fashion business is eminently qualified to push a geological dump and new build on Cumbria….? The Baroness has said of her governmental brief that it is “all hot air.”
Is that what the Baroness has in store for us ….air too hot with radioactive particles to sustain healthy life?

Mining Awareness +

"Bullock cart in Tamil Nadu still in use in year 2009 Author Docku: What's up?
India as dumping ground for dangerous, discredited nuclear “technology”? Unfortunately, the UK and the US are serving as dumping grounds for this dangerous, defective and discredited “technology”, too. In fact, one of the biggest nuclear pushers in the UK, “Baroness” Verma of Leicester, comes from India’s Punjab region. Interestingly, Leicester is about as far from any old or new nuclear reactors as one can get in England. We don’t see her pushing the nuclear waste dump for Leicester, either, but rather on others. Former Prime Minister Singh of India, also from the Punjab region, was pro-nuclear but opposed to nuclear reactors in the Punjab region! What hypocrites! Some business people from India, resident in America, have been targeting nuclear exports to India. More hypocrites! What’s this with people wanting nuclear, as long as it’s not near them? It means that they know very well that it is dangerous! The Italian…

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