The Road to Beckermet’s “Moorside” – Predetermined?

The Road to Beckermet
The Road to Beckermet’s “Moorside” by Stew Art

Last week Radiation Free Lakeland wrote to Copeland Councillors asking that they call a halt to the drilling of 100 boreholes in Beckermet.

We asked:  ” call a halt to this drilling, or at the very least ask why such an
important decision was delegated to one Development Manager. The safety
of Cumbria is already under threat from the radioactive ponds at
Sellafield, to increase that threat with borehole drilling in a nearby
area known to contain geological fault lines is to be reckless with the
safety of Copeland and Cumbria”.

We have now received an email back from just one councillor who incredibly says:

“Madam I am a Member of Development Services (Planning) and not allowed pre
application discussions so would appreciate that you don’t send papers that could be misconstrued as Pre Determination”

FOR GOODNESS SAKE!!  The only predetermination going on here is by our insane nuclear obsessed government with media and carefully chosen lapdog scientists following suit.  It is looking increasingly like the only input councillors will have is into the design of the reactors – the area would of course be trashed with radioactive cack from 100 boreholes, long before then negating the need for any meaningful environmental assessment impacts….the site, beautiful and wildlife diverse is already being described as “brownfield” now – by the time councillors get their prepackaged say it would be!

Here are just a few examples of the kind of obscene predetermination Cumbrians have been subjected to (and are unwittingly colluding in)  in the presentation of “Moorside” as a fait accompli.

“A major step has been taken today towards a new nuclear power station at Moorside, West Cumbria, that will create at least £10 billion worth of investment and thousands of jobs”.  UK Government


“Cumbria’s Moorside nuclear power plant funding plan agreed”  BBC

“MOORSIDE is the name on the cards for Copeland’s new electricity-producing nuclear power station”. The Whitehaven News

…and the Pylon consultation softly pushing Moorside – the Pylons will not happen if Moorside is stopped and the Pylons are the least of the damage.

” Friends of the Lake District says National Grid’s announcement means it should make sure no more pylons are built, particularly as part of a scheme to link the new Moorside nuclear power station near Sellafield to the rest of the country”.  The Westmorland Gazette

Perhaps the most poignant is from the Beckermet Parish Newsletter where the proposed obscene reactors would be a five minute walk from the centre of the village……the cooling would either be towers 250 metres high or vast installations at sea.  And yet this is what Beckermet Parish Newsletter has to say ..

“Electricity Pylons

To take the electricity from the new nuclear power station, North West Grid Connections have decided to run one double-line north to Carlisle, and one south to Preston. The new pylons will carry 400KV (compared with 132KV at present) and be of height 45 metres (compared with 25 metres). The precise route through our village is not known, but there will be a major consultation in the summer, to make a final decision by Christmas. ”

The piffling pylons are the least of it!!  Will there be resistance – or are Cumbrians to remain subdued to the nuclear crimes taking place right here, right now?


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