New Years Eve Vigil – Nuclear Crime Scene

New Years Eve Vigil, Nuclear Crime Scene
New Years Eve Vigil, Nuclear Crime Scene
Moorside - 100 boreholes
Moorside – 100 boreholes

Beckermet Village Nuclear Vigil

Yesterday was beautiful, bright and frosty.

Today is New Years Eve and we walked the 5 minute walk from the centre of Beckermet to the outer boundary of “Moorside” in wind, mist and rain with our soggy banners.   “Moorside” is the innocuous name the nuclear developers are calling the plan for 3 new nuclear reactors and associated sprawl. The area is beautiful, with ancient hedgerows and two Sites of Scientific Interest, the River Ehen and Church Moss. The whole of this 500 acre area has been bought by the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority with public money – in effect – WE OWN IT! In so far as anyone can own a barn owl quartering the greenfields, or the roe deer pronking across fields, or the oystercatcher, lapwing and curlew with their wonderful joyful cries across the fields and shore.

We saw Petersburgh Farm where Copeland Borough Council have just refused permission for a single wind turbine application on the grounds of visual intrusion and damage to wildlife. Its fair enough for them to scrutinise planning applications and come to a decision but what happened to their scrutiny over the “exploratory” 100 boreholes up to 150 metres deep? They didn’t even discuss it!! The decision for these boreholes was delegated to Copeland Borough Council’s Development Manager. The boreholes are in preparation for three diabolic nuclear reactors which would either have cooling towers 600 – 800ft (243 metres) high or vast cooling installations churning up the radioactively contaminated Irish Sea.

It is an open secret that Petersburgh Farm would be bought up and flattened in order to make an outer perimeter, a huge grass bund to try to hide the shame of Moorside. The pretty tarns at Petersburgh Farm would be filled in and become stinking ponds of radioactive run off.

We saw the ancient hedges with polypody ferns and even in this wintry season a mass of foliage. These hedges will be over 800 years old and yet the developers in their planning application said that the approximately 12 miles of hedges were non existent.

Where is the outcry? Where is the Investigative Comment in the National Press?

Has the nuclear industry so cowed Cumbrians that they will bow to accept this diabolic plan?

Not these Cumbrians!!

We will Stop Moorside

Thanks to The Morning Star …..the only National Press to have highlighted the dumping of democracy to achieve planning consent for 100 boreholes that will dredge up groundwater and mud and rocks contaminated by Sellafield.

An area publicly owned that should be a buffer zone.

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