Lakeland’s Nuclear Crime Scene – a New Year’s Eve Vigil

Nuclear Crime Scene - Lakeland
Nuclear Crime Scene – Lakeland


BOREHOLES, Lies, Deception and the Dumping of Democracy

On New Years Eve, supporters of a radiation free Lakeland will be taking a 10 minute walk from the centre of the pretty Lakeland village of Beckermet to the biggest crime scene of the year.  They will be representing the thousands of people who have already signed a petition to Stop Moorside.  The crime is taking place at Petersburgh and Greenmoorside Farm, a beautiful historically fertile lowland area between the Lakeland mountains and the Irish Sea. The drilling of 100 boreholes up to 150m has begun in preparation for 3 proposed nuclear reactors to be built by the same people responsible for Fukushima. The consent for the drilling of the 100 boreholes has been achieved by lies, deception and the dumping of any semblance of democracy.

While Copeland Borough Council give their full scrutiny to any applications for a single wind turbine, the same is not true of nuclear planning applications. Petersburgh’s Farm application for a single wind turbine was refused in December 2014 while the application by the Nuclear industry (in cahoots with govnt)  for 100 boreholes in the same area was given consent in 2011 (or 2012?) without any scrutiny or discussion by either Copeland Borough Council or Cumbria County Council. The decision was instead delegated to the “Development Manager” of Copeland BC. Who knew?   Certainly not Radiation Free Lakeland who in 2011 were busy trying to raise awareness of the idiocy of geological dumping. Meanwhile the nuclear industry were laughing at us and smoothing the way to achieve the plan to build 3 new reactors. They are still laughing and the drilling of boreholes has started. Will the New Year see an upsurge of Resistance to these Nuclear Crimes?

Supporters of a radiation free Lakeland will meet 12 noon on Wednesday at the White Mare, Beckermet to walk to witness the Nuclear Crime


NuGEN: GDF Suez a French-owned energy multinational (also owns SITA UK who specialize in waste including nuclear waste – they were behind the plan for the nuclear waste dump at Keekle Head.

Toshiba/Westinghouse …Toshiba supplied the steam generator, architecture and reactor for Fukushima reactors numbers 3 and 5, while Hitachi (merged with Toshiba) supplied the reactor, steam generator and architecture for Fukushima reactor no 4. Westinghouse built the first nuclear reactor for a submarine.

LIES: The developer, NuGEN has deceived repeatedly in order to secure planning consent for 100 boreholes up to 150m deep at Moorside in West Cumbria.
NuGEN says there are “no protected and priority species,” when there is a huge diversity of wildlife including species on the red list.

NuGEN also says “there are no trees or hedgerows” — again this is a fraud, there are at least 12 miles of ancient hedgerows and trees.
NuGEN says that “there are no designated or important habitats or other biodiversity features” — again this is fraudulent.
There is the Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) at Church Moss. The watershed of the borehole area drains into here. As well as the SSSI of Church Moss there is also the SSSI of the River Ehen.

At least one borehole would be on the flood plain of the River Ehen. 
NuGEN also says that the drilling will not take place in an area of flood plain and that the water and mud brought up out of the borehole will not be contaminated. 
This is despite the area having well-documented radioactive contamination from Sellafield. 
Formerly several farmers farmed these 500 acres. Now it is down to one, with beef cattle in the same area as the borehole “exploration” bringing Sellafield seepage to the surface.

Where will this be dumped? In reply to Radiation Free Lakeland, NuGEN have said: “You will not find permits for the boreholes currently being drilled on the Moorside site as they are not required. 
“The planning consent NuGen was granted in 2012 permits the drilling of the boreholes. The Environment Agency are aware of this activity … a specific permit is not required…”

In other words, with no discussion or scrutiny from any councillors the Development Control Manager of Copeland Borough Council has given permission for 100 boreholes …following lies from the developers.

Keeke Head – GDF SUEZ

Toshiba Hitachi

Westinghouse Nuclear Submarine

100 Boreholes

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