The other Big Bang; paradigm shifts in perceptions of nuclear energy?

Perception is Everything – and Cumbria has been Groomed for Decades to Accept Nuclear, to such an extent that there is a self censorship that makes criticism of nuclear almost a taboo subject in many areas of Cumbrian life. This article is well worth a read, the power of nuclear is not “harnessed” it is us Cumbrians who are “harnessed” and shackled to the nuclear industry, even our deepest, coldest lake, Wastwater is shackled to provide cooling water !


University lecturer and Staffordshire County Council blogger Elaine Kirkham discusses the change in attitudes towards nuclear technology from Cold War to current time.

Mushroom cloud from a nuclear explosion Mushroom cloud from a nuclear explosion

In 1910 in an article entitled “The Association Method”, the psychologist Carl Jung theorized that individuals connect ideas, experiences, information and feelings by making associations, which derive from links or groupings within the unconscious. This means that if the questioner says “day” in a word association activity for example, the respondent might say “night”, because she or he associates those two words as being connected in some way (although associations are not always opposites), whereas for another person the word “day” might trigger the word “dream” by association. When hearing certain words, ideas or concepts we can sometimes feel a psychological discomfort because of conflicting values or beliefs held about the subject…

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