Just a Salmon – Stop Moorside – Advent Calandar December 7th


Just a Salmon
Just a Salmon

The River Ehen is designated as a European Special Area of Conservation (SAC) and Site of Special Scientific Interest designated for Freshwater Pearl Mussels  which need a healthy population of Atlantic Salmon.

The salmon (carrying the Freshwater Pearl Mussels) use the last stretch of the river Ehen, which passes through Greenmoorside enroute to the sea.

Sounds magical – because it is.  Greenmoorside is also a flood plain for the River Ehen.

The beautiful River Ehen about to be Nuclearised?
The beautiful River Ehen about to be Nuclearised?

Stop Moorside – Advent Calendar

Although it flows out of Ennerdale Water, the River Ehen belongs equally to the west Cumbrian plains, forming the boundary between the mountains and the plains for most of its course. 

At least one borehole is on the River Ehen flood plain – as described by NuGEN’s contracter RIZZO…..

RIZZO understands that BH13 is on the floodplain of the nearby River Ehen and may be difficult to access. This borehole is required to investigate postulated Fault “E” and must be completed. Minor adjustments will be considered, depending on the exact location of the Fault as determined by the geophysical survey.

For pricing purposes, assume that drilling mud/water must be captured and stored on-site until it has been tested for contamination. Contamination testing will be performed by RIZZO or NuGen. Following contamination testing, drilling mud/water is to be disposed in accordance with Environmental Agency (EA) regulations. Should the drilling mud/water be found to be contaminated, this will constitute a Changed Condition and additional

 consideration will be given for disposal, or disposal will be handled by RIZZO and/or

6 thoughts on “Just a Salmon – Stop Moorside – Advent Calandar December 7th

  1. Rae Street

    I love the Advent Calendar – I look forward toopening each day. ‘What a wonderful world’. Please let us not destroy it.

    1. Many thanks Rae…the aim is to show that this area is not “brownfield” – it is terribly polluted by Sellafield …. but that is all the more reason to manage it for the remaining wildlife as a buffer zone rather than build anything on it – and especially not dangerous new nuclear reactors.

  2. Peasantfarmer

    In the interests of accuracy, Greenmoorside Farm is not on the Ehen Flood Plain, and none of the land for the proposed Moorside reactor is on the flood plain either. The freshwater mussel, the cited species for SAC status, [and the sea lamprey] life cycle involves the fry spending time in the Salmon’s gills so SAC protection status applies to the whole River Ehen and its tributaries and not just the part above the Keekle confluence. The water purity of the River Ehen is very important and is the reason that the cited species have survived here but been decimated on other rivers.

    1. There are three reactors (not one) and associated nuclear sprawl proposed – worryingly close to the Ehen flood plain ….and the proposed site forms part of the catchment for the river Ehen which breaks its banks several times a year. It is true that the whole of the river Ehen is very important which is just one reason why this nuclear development should be scrapped before more taxpayer £millions are spent on damaging “exploratory” borehole testing and the like. Some of The borehole drilling areas are known to contain seepage from Sellafield waste.

  3. Covering this huge 500 acre area with development of any kind would impact adversely on the dynamics of the Ehen floodplain. I’m guessing if this was any other development in this area of this magnitude it would have been knocked on the head long before now,

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