Could Britain be Nuclear Free… in 8 years?

Yes We Can! We can stop the nuclear Mafia and say No More Nuclear!


Excellent news came last week in the form of an exultant announcement from Scotland – Renewable energy overtakes nuclear as Scotland’s top power source.


Well done Scotland! I firmly believe that the rest of Britain should lead by your fine example and here’s why:

Currently 18% of UK electricity is attributable to nuclear power. However, with 15 reactors to be retired in the next 8 years coupled with recent renewable energy drives I would argue that there is no valid reason for the continuation of nuclear fission technology on British soil.

Reportedly, 8 out of the 16 ageing UK nuclear reactors are currently down or have experienced downtime throughout the course of this year. According to EDF energy, Sizewell B is undergoing ‘statutory outage’ for maintenance and refuelling. Hunterston B is also undergoing maintenance to reactor 4 and is set to be operational again this month. A unit at Dungeness…

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