Just a Wren – Stop Moorside Advent Calendar

Just a Wren - 4th December
Just a Wren – 4th December…this trapped wren we rescued from inside St Bridgets Church, Beckermet while on a site visit with the RSPB

Exactly a month ago on November 4th, Radiation Free Lakeland invited Cumbria Wildlife Trust, Friends of the Lake District and the RSPB to join us on a walk to have a look at the wildlife on Greenmoorside.

Friends of the Lake District said they were waiting for the consultation from the developers, while Cumbria Wildlife Trust never replied.

The RSPB’s Jeremy Sutton did come along and generously offered help and advice but wouldn’t go as far as saying the RSPB would oppose.  He said that even if they did  oppose they could not afford going to public inquiry.  This we find worrying.  For the RSPB to oppose in any event they say, they would need evidence of for example large numbers of overwintering birds or  rare species such as hen harriers.  Jeremy Sutton did say that the area is wildlife diverse.

The area includes the River Ehen, an SSSI and the waste would discharge to increasingly threatened  marine environments such as the Duddon Estuary, The Irish Sea and Morecambe Bay

I took some notes of what was said….

1. Difficult to see how the area of farmland, shore, woodland copse,
hedgerow can be described as “brownfield” by the developers

2. The area has a good diversity of wildlife – this could be improved further with
management for wildlife.
(Wildlife using and dependent on the proposed 199 hectare Moorside site
includes increasingly threatened species such as Lapwing, Dunlin,
Sedgewarbler, Northern Pintail, Sandwich Tern, Knot and Curlew. There is a
thriving population of roe deer, which often share pasture with the herd
of beef cattle. The shoreline and marine environment is already stressed
with pressure from Sellafield reprocessing. This would be exacerbated many
times over should Moorside go ahead).

3. The area could be a buffer zone around Sellafield which has already
contaminated the groundwater outside of the site

4. The river Ehen would be impacted on as it discharges to the Irish Sea, negating all the good work to protect river quality higher up towards Ennerdale.


PLEASE WRITE TO THE RSPB asking them to oppose Moorside – a public statement £costing them nothing- would be of significance.

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