The UK follows Japan in determining extent of nuclear “Transparency” by extending secrecy and protecting corruption!

Secrecy and Lies ….all that is needed for the nuclear industry to flourish






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New Government Security Classifications

In 2012 Francis Maude, Minister for the Cabinet Office, announced the intention to fundamentally overhaul and replace the existing information classification and marking scheme as part of the government’s Civil Service Reform programme.

Sellafield Ltd’s security regulator, ONR (Office for Nuclear Regulation), have instructed Sellafield Ltd and the wider civil nuclear industry to adopt the new GSC protective marking scheme known as Government Security Classifications (GSC).

Government Security Classifications

The new three tier system has three classifications: OFFICIAL, SECRET and TOP-SECRET.

Additionally ONR have mandated the use of an additional classification: OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE for Sensitive Nuclear Information which is classified below SECRET.

Implementing GSC

In line with the rest of UK government, the new GSC scheme is coming into operation on April 2nd 2014. All documents (including commercial correspondence, drawings, specifications, data sheets etc) created by…

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One thought on “The UK follows Japan in determining extent of nuclear “Transparency” by extending secrecy and protecting corruption!

  1. Thanks for this. This must be a response to the Open Governance Initiative which the UK joined? Looks in violation of it. We were contacted by an 80 year old US Vet who cleaned radiation filters from US spy planes (spying on the Russian nuke program) and the US STILL refuses to give him the documents needed to show his rad exposure. However, since the ICRP allows so much exposure to skin it probably wouldn’t do any good. Areva refuses to give needed info to Savannah River Site Watch. By the way the top link is dead but if you google it can still be found. I’m not adding the new link in case they are killing the links on purpose. Reality is stranger than fiction now.

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