‘Nuclear Madness’ Protest at Carlisle Railway Station


Nuclear Madness protest held at Carlisle Station


Gallery of Pictures from today’s demo






MANY THANKS to everyone who came along today to sing “Trains and boats and Planes , are bringing nuclear waste to my home…”

We sang to show our solidarity with all the other groups throughout the UK in Wigan, Brixton, Bristol, Warrington, Lancaster and elsewhere who have taken part in this coordinated action to oppose nuclear trains.  Nuclear trains pass through Carlisle station often  twice a week,  three flasks carry radioactivity which is the equivalent of the Hiroshima bomb.

100 people also stopped to sign a letter to Cumbria and Lancashire County Council regarding the lack of independent radiation monitoring .

The letter says:

Dear Cumbria and Lancashire County Council,



The North West’s environment used to be independently monitored by the council run Radiation Monitoring in Lancashire, RADMIL.

RADMIL was stopped a few years ago due to council cuts.  The Environment Agency often leaves monitoring and reporting to the nuclear industry

The nuclear industry and government’s new build plan includes:

Manufacture of fuel for new reactors. This begins with uranium hexafluoride shipped to Ellesmere Port, then to Capenhurst, Near Chester. Then on to Preston’s Springfields plant. Proposed new nuclear build on greenfields in Cumbria would also mean escalating radioactive releases from fuel manufacture.

This means radioactively polluting the River Ribble and Clifton Marsh Landfill in Lancashire. And in Cumbria increasing releases to the Irish Sea, Lillyhall landfill and previously nuclear free areas!   Nuclear materials are routinely sent by train and road and even by plane.

Given this escalation in radioactive emissions we urge you to reinstate regular and frequent independent radiation monitoring in Cumbria and Lancashire


Yours sincerely,






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