Sellafield legacy ponds and silos: NDA and ONR agree that “risk is intolerable”

“Risk is intolerable” from Sellafields nuclear waste ponds…this is a masterful piece of understatement from the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority on the horrific neglect of nuclear wastes. The neglect is due to humanity’s inability to deal with leaking wastes in such a radioactively polluted environment. Meanwhile the NDA, a government agency, is allowing drilling of bore holes up to 80m deep in the vast area of land between Sellafield and Beckermet. This drilling will include using explosives to “explore” the geology in preparation for new reactors to make more waste. This is beyond intolerable. It is criminally insane.

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2 thoughts on “Sellafield legacy ponds and silos: NDA and ONR agree that “risk is intolerable”

  1. nuclearhistory

    Thanks for this post and your blog. How do I feel about this situation? Like this: Nuclear industry’s leapfrog propaganda. Years ago, when Sellafield was built, it was promoted as foolproof technology for the atomic age, proof of modernity etc. Now, with it bankrupt and falling to bits, the scandal and imposed risk posed by the crumbling, arrogant, dangerous abomination which was built in the first place over the objections based on clear science and perception of then present and future harms, anticipating, as early as the 1950s, the reality of the present situation of utterly unacceptable decay and likely harms is excused by the present nuclear administrations in the United Kingdom. The current, purportedly infallible, experts in charge claim that though not responsible for the construction of Sellafield, that once jewel in the British nuclear crown (which is of thorns for the common people) charge that recent media reports of the utter danger merely serve to illustrate how difficult a job has been “inherited” by the current nuclear “authorities”, and that, despite the length of time involved, being decades, during which the situation has existed, (though denied at those times by the then nuclear “authorities”), the current mob will fix it all up, even though it took five years to fix the rotting fuel pool crane (!!!) and that, yes, it is agreed by the current mob that the situation in those fuel pools is intolerable.

    Oh ok then, so in another fifty years the successor to the current nuclear mob will say, I would expect, much the same about the situation because, up to now, no scheme has been perfected to properly remedy the situation in the pools. Nor has a solution for temporary storage of permanent nuclear waste been found.

    So in another hundred years, the successor authorities to successor authorities to the present authorities who patently know diddly squad about permanent solutions proposed in the 1950s re Sellafield – DONT BUILD IT – can say, we didnt build it , but we are good guys, we will fix it though we dont know how quite yet, trust us, just as your mum and dad did in the 1950s.

    “Yea, trust us.”

    Do we look fucking stupid or what? cause we ain’t. We have seen the past as the present and the present as the seeds of the future lies which conceal the harms. The half life of the supposed corporate authorities is less than 30 years, while the poisons imprisoned in their concrete and steel enclosures persist for hundreds of thousands of years, ranging up to millions of years. Who are these fools trying to kid? Each of them can only hope to live for 80 years, yet they are arrogant enough to pretend that they can assure safety now and for the future, yet even the past promise of safety was an abomination of arrogant deceit. Trust them? I’d rather spring my coil.

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