BBC Pro Nuclear Propaganda ratcheted up on Hinkley C while the biggest earth eaters in Europe move in

ProNuclear Bias BBC

Friday’s You and Yours Programme on BBC Radio 4 is characterised by investigative journalism, often having a go at corporate nasties on behalf of the consumer.

Not this Friday though….

This Friday, You and Yours managed to be a mouthpiece for what sounded like an EDF PR campaign, without even asking them the obvious questions that any intelligent listener (whether or not anti-nuclear) would have wanted asked.

What began as an item on energy prices turned into propaganda for Hinkley C.

People can catch up with the programme here

write, phone and email – this is blatant propaganda – ask that this consumer
programme takes a more balanced stance on such a contentious issue… Their
e-mail address

though they often try
to encourage people to use a form on their web page rather than sending a
proper e-mail.

while the propaganda continues and sensible activists are distracted and conned into thinking that nuclear is a necessary evil – when it is an evil that will make dead men/women walking of us all.

Below is a statement from those keeping a brave vigil at Hinkley C…..

if this was fracking it would quite rightly be all over the news  – while nuclear dissent is quashed and marginalised at every turn – but still we dissent


“Edf are currently moving the largest diggers in Europe onto the Hinkley Point proposed C site- 60 tons and with a bucket big enough to hold a police riot van is the whisper. They are moving them onto site during the day and night and haven’t announced it from fear that they will be road blocked… meanwhile they also have a delegation in China negotiating with 2 big companies there in order to give them juicy deals for HPC… No ethics, No humanity.. Money rules and the masses will suffer. And song birds are found in the most unlikely of places and will always sing in the face of those with misplaced morals who care only for there own wealth – which pays the way into a bankrupt and warped conscience.. These people wage war on the Mother planet that gives them life, believe they can conquer her and have no eyes to see the beauty under their noses, no foresight, compassion or love for the living, or for future generations”

“Firms appointed to various roles on the mega-project include Laing O’Rourke, Bouygues, Costain, Kier, Bam Nuttall and Dean & Dyball, a subsidiary of Balfour Beatty.

Main construction work on the UK’s first nuclear power plant in a generation could begin as early as December, Building can reveal.

Contractors delivering the civils packages on EDF’s £16bn Hinkley Point C nuclear power plant project are being told to prepare to start on site in December this year, according to market sources.

The news comes as the European Commission (EC) announced it was set to approve a deal between the developer and the UK government on how the project will be funded.

Building understands firms appointed to the project are being told the developer will make a “broad” final investment decision in November, after the project receives approval from the EC, which is expected next month.

Sources close to the project said firms building the plant were being told to prepare to start on site in the South-west in December.

Preparatory work on the site has been ramping up this month and will continue to increase in the run-up to December”.

Witch Watch Hinkley C

One thought on “BBC Pro Nuclear Propaganda ratcheted up on Hinkley C while the biggest earth eaters in Europe move in

  1. john Morris

    Dear Friends,thank you for the emails .I thought the B.B.C. report was a spoof report.No mention of the French Government helping build Hinkley.A government that often sneered at by our ConDem government.I have protested only once at Hinkley and was very shocked to see a large amount of sea birds flying around the Hinkley B outlet pipe.They were diving into the sea water to eat the freshly cooked fish etc being pumped out with the hot water from the Nuclear Power Station coo;ing system.All the best yours john Morris

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