Nuclear Champion or Nuclear Conman?

Imperial College - Professor Robin Grimes
Imperial College – Professor Robin Grimes

Last night Radiation Free Lakeland joined representatives from Lancaster District CND and Lancaster residents in demonstrating outside the Storey Institute in Lancaster. In association with Lancaster Uni, Professor Robin Grimes from Imperial College, a leading “Nuclear Champion,” was giving a talk on “What Nuclear New Build Means to the North West.”

Professor Grimes came to speak to us outside saying “I’ve never had a demonstration outside where I’ve been speaking before.” He should come to the NW more often! There were only a few of us but listening to his cheerleading for the nastiest most vicious industry on earth, there should have been tens of thousands demonstrating outside.

Following our demonstration we went into the lecture. Professor Grimes asked for a show of hands early on to see who was supportive of nuclear. The audience was largely pronuclear . The dissenters at the Nurenburg rallies probably felt pretty much the same deeply horrified emotions as myself and my colleagues were feeling.

Professor Robin Grimes is the advisor to government select committees on all things nuclear. After some brightly coloured graphics on how nuclear reactors work and his enthusiastic cheerleading for the “nuclear renaissance” it is easy to see how attractively the bright shiny nuclear future can be presented to our gullible government ministers. With the right smoke and mirrors and the vacuum left by Friends of the Earth and Greenpeace, the soundbyte that nuclear is “safe and low carbon” is all but unchallenged in the mainstream media and corridors of power. Those individual voices of dissent, true and committed as they are, are swatted away like annoying midges.

The most memorable quotes of the night from Professor Grimes were:

“Government needs to learn how to deal with the public”

“We will have the technology to carry out geological disposal, there is no technical barrier”

Nuclear waste is not an ethical issue

“The only barrier to next generation reactors/thorium reactors is cost”

“new build will not increase the footprint of Sellafield as it will be within the fences” (WHAT!!!! see here)

In a previous presentation for Imperial College, Professor Grimes has said that the Sellafield Magnox Sludge Ponds contain corroded Magnox cladding and Radionuclides that are “currently impossible to predict. AT PRESENT THESE WASTED CANNOT BE TREATED”

This is at odds with the hellish optimism we witnessed in Lancaster.  We suspect it is also at odds with what government ministers in Select Committees have heard from Professor Robin Grimes when they agreed to new nuclear build. There was no mention at all from the Professor on the environmental and health devastation that nuclear is known to cause, but which is not admitted by the industry or our colluding government.

Why aren’t the industry’s best scientists working to CONTAIN the wastes instead of working flat out and with public money to make EVER MORE?











8 thoughts on “Nuclear Champion or Nuclear Conman?

  1. raecnd

    Thank you for this and congratulations to all at Radiation Free Lakeland. I have just (yet again) been disturbed on the discussions today and this week on BBC Radio on energy supplies. It is taken for granted that new nuclear build is necessary ‘to keep the lights on’ and that the main concern is cost, but that won’t be so bad in the long run. In all the programmes on Radio 4 there was not one mention of the dangers of nuclear power or the fearful legacy which already exists and which will mount up and up. At CADU (the Campaign Against Depleted Uranium Weapons) with whom I campaign, one of our researchers, Aneaka Kellay, recently brought out an excellent report, ‘Managing Acceptability’. To summarise: that government knew that there would be problems with these weapons so what was needed was to get the public to accept them. The governments and the industry are deep into that again. We must keep on keeping on. All best wishes, Rae Street

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  3. Since 2006, unregulated discharges from the Hinkley A spent fuel pond clearances and sludge silos have caused a doubling of perinatal mortality and a 45% increase in skin cancers in Somerset. Just as in Cumbria, a deafening silence from Public Health England, all media sources. Lots of obits on sudden premature deaths and end stage central nervous system illnesses like Parkinson’s, ME, Multiple Sclerosis and Motor Neurone Disease. Again politicians are trying to link new nuclear to climate change; what nonsense to suggest increasing nuclear radiation with known ‘health detriments’ could do anything to mitigate climate change.

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  7. This video explains with a simple visual how nuclear radiation causes cancer. The video explains a Nobel Prize winning discovery. Also, researchers at UCLA published just last year that radiation ‘therapy’ increases the malignancy of healthy cells thirty times. The video will explain why.

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