The View from Ireland

Irish Mirror


While the local Cumbrian papers remain schtum and are wondering how best to report on the shocking Sellafield photographs,  the Irish Mirror, not in the pay of Sellafield is free to say it like it is…..

“Sellafield Safety Shocker: Nuclear waste abandoned 40 years ago lies in rotting containers open to the elements…
Oct 31, 2014 06:00 By Pat Flanagan

Whistle-blower’s photos lay bare risk of disaster as expert warns it’s another Fukushima waiting to happen.

Abandoned nuclear waste lying in rotting containers in decaying tanks which are open to the elements
These photos of highly radioactive waste in crumbling ponds proves Sellafield is a Fukushima-like nuclear disaster waiting to happen on our doorstep.

These alarming images show nuclear waste abandoned 40 years ago lying in rotting containers in decaying tanks which are open to the elements.

While Sellafield portrays itself as a modern facility using latest technology the photos paint a picture of wanton neglect and reckless management of the most toxic substance ever created.

The images were leaked by a concerned worker who wanted the world to know parts of the plant – which is nearly 70 years old – are falling apart.

Rusty and corroded pipes and tanks at Sellafield
The concrete walls of tanks where waste was abandoned in the 1970s are crumbling raising fears of a nuclear catastrophe just 200km from Dublin.

If the ponds drain, the spent fuel can spontaneously ignite spreading radiation over a wide area.

Such a disaster would call for mass evacuations along our east coast and a Chernobyl-like permanent exclusion zone in contaminated areas.

Sitting of the abandoned nuclear ponds at Sellafield
Nuclear exert John Large fears a massive radioactive leak.

He told The Ecologist website: “Looking at the photos I’m very disturbed at the degraded and rundown condition of the structures and support services. In my opinion there is a significant risk the system could fail.

“I’d say there’s many hundreds of tonnes in there. It could give rise to a very big radioactive release.

“It’s not for me to make comparisons with Chernobyl or Fukushima, but it could certainly cause serious contamination over a wide area and for a very long time.”

The alarming photos show cracked concrete tanks half-full of water contaminated with high levels of radiation.

On the walkways around the tanks lies a dangerous mess of discarded pipes and equipment while weeds grow from crevices in the cracked concrete.

Alarm bells…Corroded pipes at Sellafield Nuclear Plant
Seagulls regularly land in the deadly contaminated water and carry it on their bodies when they fly off.

In one picture a gull has made its nest a metre above the radioactive soup.

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2 thoughts on “The View from Ireland

    1. the local and national and EU politicians responsible for this cover up should be prosecuted..when “Sellafield” is fined it comes out of the public purse. Local politicians have completely lost control of Sellafield and are too busy taking handouts provided by national government under the guise of the “nuclear industry” to investigate what is really happening. When polititicians do take the initiative to find out the truth as Eddie Martin did over the geological dump, they soon find the smoke and mirrors covering up the horrible reality.

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