Kill the Bill – Infrastructure Bill Gives Free Rein to Radioactive and Chemical Polluters

Kill Cameron’s Infrastructure Bill

Please send letters to your MP,  your member of the House of Lords,  the press – Get Active ….and Kill the Bill!

Please do not rely completely on petitions such as the Greenpeace petition (which we have signed) it focuses on Fracking and leaves Nuclear out of the picture.  Equally do not rely on Radiation Free Lakeland – please write your own letters and do your own research as much as you can. But feel free to use our letter below as a starting point – even a line or two to your MP will make a difference.

Letter sent to our MP Tim Farron
Dear Tim,

Please vote to oppose the Infrastructure Bill currently being pushed
through Parliament. Radiation Free Lakeland know that you have grave concerns about the nuclear industry’s hold over Cumbria. This Bill if enacted would see that hold tighten completely.

Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth and others have highlighted the Fracking
aspects of the Bill but it is extremely worrying that the Nuclear aspects
are effectively being airbrushed out of any criticisms. Frack Free York
describe the situation very well:

“The proposed Infrastructure Bill mandates that local councils relinquish
90% of their brownfield land to the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA).
Brownfield sites are previously developed sites that have become vacant,
contaminated but could be reused and include parks, playing fields,
allotments, woodlands, public facilities and village greens.
Once in possession of this land, the HCA will then be able to transfer it
to private developers along with any rights that we, the public, would
have had to it. Schedule 3 of the bill specifically states that…
…the property, rights and liabilities that may be transferred by a scheme
include… property, rights and liabilities that would not otherwise be
capable of being transferred or assigned

In terms of public easements (rights of use), public rights of way or
considerations for consecrated ground, the government will have the power
to remove any and all of these rights as they see fit.
These transfers are to take effect irrespective of any requirement to
obtain a person’s consent or concurrence, any liability in respect of a
contravention of another requirement, or any other interference with an
interest or right, which would otherwise apply.
Planning Consent
In addition to the above, private companies who obtains these lands will
no longer be subject to local planning regulations and consultation. The
Secretary of State will be able to give the green light to any development
without any local politicians’, residents’ or planners’ involvement,
simply by consulting a panel of two people.
This would provide an avenue for unpopular fracking projects, nuclear plants, landfill sites and other developments to be placed on public land without the public being able to object”.

There is no exemption whatsoever for any public land (apart from Crown)
contained within the Bill. This means that even our publicly owned
forests are under threat. Currently publicly owned land, which includes 500 acres of woodlands, hedgerows, fields and shore adjacent to Sellafield are being promoted as the site for dangerous new nuclear build. Government is looking to sell this publicly owned land and ancient rights of way to the same companies who built Fukushima.

To clear obsolete nuclear sites the nuclear industry is already dispersing nuclear wastes to landfill and is looking for further landfill “opportunites”. Government is also keen to “implement geological disposal” of heat generating wastes. Amendments have been made to the Infrastructure Bill that would give oil and gas companies rights for “passing any substance through, or putting any substance into, deep-level land or infrastructure installed in deep-level land”. They also allow companies to leave “deep-level land in a different condition from the condition it was in before an exercise of the right of use”. This could include retaining any infrastructure or substance underground.

Government says the right is for exploiting petroleum and deep geothermal
energy only and denied it applies to the storage of nuclear waste. This
is not reassuring at all as nuclear waste is already continually being
reclassified in order to allow “free release” from nuclear sites to
landfill or to the radioactive metal recycling plant at Lillyhall. Once
reclassified the waste is not labelled “nuclear waste” – a neat trick!
All in all the Infrasctructure Bill is a charter to give free rein to
radioactive and chemical polluters, and these polluters are increasingly
regulated by the industry themselves.

This government promised a ‘localism agenda’ and instead has delivered the greatest shift of power from local to central government since the days of Margaret Thatcher. This Bill is the ultimate expression of that shift of power.

Please kill the bill – all of it.

yours sincerely,

Marianne Birkby
on behalf of Radiation Free Lakeland


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