Thorium – pie in the sky to keep the nuclear nightmare going

Grand Canyon

Ban on uranium mining at Grand Canyon upheld by Arizona court
Ruling protects national treasure against the possibility of opening it to 26 new mines and 700 exploration projects. “Developers” will no doubt be challenging this…. until NUCLEAR IS BANNED.

Thorium – same old pie in the sky to keep the whole nuclear shebang going… the 3 reactors planned for Cumbria would burn URANIUM.  The UK’s  insane agenda for new nuclear build is driving the ruthless push for uranium mining in countries previously free from uranium mining such as Peru.  Even what should be protected areas are under continual threat such as the Grand Canyon.

“The first thing to mention is about conventional fission reactors – they were never intended to work the way they do. It was envisioned that Uranium breeder technology2 would be used but since that technology had not been fully developed the current technologies were used as a stop-gap. However, after over 50 years of trying to develop the Uranium breeder technology little progress has been made. If it had then the problems of dwindling Uranium supplies would not be such an issue and hence one of the major advantages of Thorium would be removed”.

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