Stand Up to Cancer – Ban Nuclear Power NOW!

Stand Up to Cancer                                  BAN NUCLEAR POWER NOW!

Nuclear Power Stations Cause Childhood Leukemia – and here’s the Proof.

While the nation is urged to “Stand Up to Cancer” the known cause of cancer and other radiation linked diseases is being promoted and given obscene public subsidies like never before.

In August of this year Dr Ian Fairlie, an expert in the field of environmental radiation,  wrote an article in The Ecologist magazine.  Part of that article is reproduced below.  Please read it and remember that You Have the Power to Beat Cancer Sooner – just say NO to Nuclear, keep saying NO – do everything you can to prevent new nuclear build.  Remember nuclear is a choice, not a necessity and CHOOSE LIFE!

“Controversy has been raging for decades over the link between nuclear power stations and childhood leukemia. But as with tobacco and lung cancer, it’s all about hiding the truth, writes Ian Fairlie. Combining data from four countries shows, with high statistical significance, that radioactive releases from nuclear plants are the cause of the excess leukemia cases.

I can think of no other area of toxicology (eg asbestos, lead, smoking) with so many studies, and with such clear associations as those between nuclear power plants and child leukemias.
In March 2014, my article on increased rates of childhood leukemias near nuclear power plants (NPPs) was published in the Journal of Environmental Radioactivity (JENR).

A previous post discussed the making of the article and its high readership: this post describes its content in layman’s terms.

Before we start, some background is necessary to grasp the new report’s significance. Many readers may be unaware that increased childhood leukemias near NPPs have been a contentious issue for several decades.

For example, it was a huge issue in the UK in the 1980s and early 1990s leading to several TV programmes, Government Commissions, Government committees, a major international Conference, Government reports, at least two mammoth court cases and probably over a hundred scientific articles.

It was refuelled in 1990 by the publication of the famous Gardner report (Gardner et al, 1990) which found a very large increase (7 fold) in child leukemias near the infamous Sellafield nuclear facility in Cumbria.

Over 60 epidemiological studies confirm the link”

But the official take is to say that increased childhood leukaemia’s are caused not by nuclear crap but by population mixing.… Really!  Then why isn’t the government issuing a public health warning on the huge influx of workers that would be needed for the “Biggest Nuclear Development in Europe” ?   Of course it isn’t population mixing – the government and industry know this very well, but its a useful decoy from the real cause – which is radioactive emissions from nuclear ‘power,’ reprocessing and decommissioning.

Below is an exchange of letters with the author of the paper on “population mixing” which our government uses to excuse the nuclear industry from any blame.

—————————- Original Message —————————-
Subject: Population Mixing
Date: Thu, February 3, 2011 10:25 am

Dear Heather,

Thank you for your advice.

I support Core – but am not a member.

I am writing primarily as a mother who is concerned about
the significantly increased risks to all children from new nuclear

No one it seems is willing to take any responsibility while children are
collateral damage

Thank you again for your time.

yours sincerely,


—————————- Original Message —————————-
Subject: RE: Population Mixing
From: “Heather Dickinson” <>
Date: Thu, February 3, 2011 10:06 am
To: “‘'”
Cc: “” <>

Dear Marianne and Tim
As a retired researcher who worked in the area of children’s cancer over
10 years ago, I have no authority to issue health warnings to the
It would be more appropriate for you to ask the Department of Health if
they propose issuing health warnings.

I understand that the proposed nuclear power stations are a response to
the UK’s projected energy needs and, in particular, to supply these needs
without increasing emissions of carbon dioxide. If you wish to inform
yourself about this debate, I suggest you read:
“Sustainable energy – without the hot air” By David JC Mackay.
He points out that the British public needs to stop saying “No” to every
proposal to get the UK off fossil fuels in order to avoid catastrophic
climate change.

I shall not be reading any more of your emails, so please don’t bother
sending them.

I presume you are a member of CORE and I would like to point out that a
lady from CORE phoned me about 2 years ago about this issue and I told her
I no longer worked in this area. It is most unfortunate that you have
nevertheless decided to harass me about it.

Heather Dickinson

>—–Original Message—–
>Sent: 31 January 2011 21:01
>To: Heather Dickinson
>Subject: RE: Population Mixing
>Dear Heather,
>Thank you for your reply.
>The North of England Children’s Cancer Research Unit “could not comment”
>and advised that we asked you.
>Our question is “Will Cumbria (and other areas with proposed new nuclear
>build) be issued with a health warning regarding the dangers of
>”population mixing” in the vicinity of nuclear installations?
>If not you – who should we ask?
>yours sincerely,
>Marianne Birkby
>cc Tim Farron MP
>> Dear Marianne
>> Thank you for your message.
>> I cannot speak for the North of England Children’s Cancer Research
>Unit as
>> I have not worked there since June 2002, when I moved to a different
>> of research from children’s cancer.
>> I cannot speak for the Northern Institute for Cancer Research or
>> Research UK as I have never worked for them. The research you mention
>> not supported financially by Cancer Research UK.
>> I retired from Newcastle University at the end of September 2010.
>> Heather Dickinson
>>>—–Original Message—–
>>>Sent: 26 January 2011 15:50
>>>To: Heather Dickinson
>>>Subject: Population Mixing
>>>Dear Dr Dickinson,
>>>In explaining significantly increased childhood cancers around nuclear
>>>plants the government has been persuaded by the “population mixing”
>>>rather than emissions from nuclear power plants.
>>>A paper you wrote in 1999 describes population mixing as “a
>>>risk factor for acute lymphoblastic leukaemia and non-Hodgkin’s
>>>especially in young children, accounting for over 50% of cases in
>>>and most cases in Seascale”.
>>>If all the proposed nuclear developments in West Cumbria go ahead the
>>>population is predicted to increase in a relatively short period of
>>>by tens of thousands.
>>>Will the North of England Children’s Cancer Research Unit / Northern
>>>Institute for Cancer Research/Cancer Research UK be acting on their
>>>research and advising the government to put out a public health
>>>the “significant risk factor”?
>>>yours sincerely,
>>>Marianne Birkby
>>>Wed 19 Jan 11
>>>Quantifying the effect of population mixing on childhood leukaemia
>>>the Seascale cluster
>>> The German KiKK study




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