Stop Moorside say 95% of people we spoke to at Wasdale Show

Wasdale Show 2014  - Stop Moorside -
Wasdale Show 2014
– Stop Moorside –

This Saturday Radiation Free Lakeland went to Wasdale Show – arguably the most beautiful show ground in the world surrounded by the Lake District mountains and next to the deepest Lake in England, Wastwater.

95% of the people we spoke to were opposed to new build near Sellafield especially as there is no solution for the still accumulating existing waste, which needs 4 million gallons of water a day abstracted from Wastwater to cool its heels.

There was one good looking chap in long dreadlocks  however who stood at the stall for well over an hour.  He berated  us on our “lack of scientific evidence that Sellafield is dangerous” He claimed that ” it was dangerous in the 1990s but it is all safe now and new build IS going ahead”   Later on I noticed he had put on official Mountain Rescue gear so when I got back looked him up.  Seems he is well entrenched in  Sellafield largesse.  Sellafield is understandably keen for their staff  to apply themselves to good works such as Mountain Rescue, it is after all fantastic PR.

If you work for yourself or a small company it is really difficult to get time off  but  if you are a nuclear worker, as well as the time off,  you get paid … all public money.  No one would begrudge public money for Mountain Rescue,

( least of all me, who loves walking in the mountains and might one day need to be rescued)

But when public money is filtered through the nuclear industry it skews the social contract, especially so when the same staff then undermine volunteers who spend their own time and money campaigning for Sellafield safety, which includes prevention of new nuclear reactors.  Much of what Sellafield does (and does not do)  is secret even to those working on the site, many of whom will never set a radioactively protected foot in the most neglected and radioactively contaminated buildings.

So when good looking dreadlock chap  says “it is all safe now”  he most probably wholeheartedly believes it.

Here is some wonderful largesse courtesy of the taxpayer.

Ship of Fools

3 thoughts on “Stop Moorside say 95% of people we spoke to at Wasdale Show

    1. Could send him this….
      NGO reps returning from trip to Fukushima-stricken Areas of Japan – Condemn Decisions for New Nuclear in Wales or Anywhere!
      October 13, 2014 at 1:03pm
      13th October 2014
      Representatives form Welsh NGOs returning at the weekend from Fukushima in Japan have witnessed at first hand some of the traumas faced by the evacuees following the 2011 explosions at the Daiichi nuclear plant in Fukushima.
      During a week-long visit as members of a Green Cross international delegation, representations of four organisations – Greenpeace, Cymdeithas yr Iaith, CND Cymru and PAWB – saw how some of the 154,000 people who were forced to evacuate their villages were having to live today.
      Now living in accommodation outside the exclusion zone, the evacuees have no personal mementoes of their past, no photographs, only memories of how life used to be. As they struggle each day in their newly-provided tiny one-room apartments, they see children being taught how to avoid the dangers of radiation, bringing an added poignancy on a daily basis and a concern for their health.
      “It is a travesty that, having travelled half-way around the world, the recent visit by Welsh politicians to Japan organised by Hitachi didn`t go that small step further so that they could see the tragic consequences that can arise from a nuclear meltdown”said Dr Carl Clowes.
      “We witnessed whole villages and towns as `no-go` areas, large tracts of land unable to be used for generations to come, factories and civic buildings abandoned, cars and tractors rusting because of the high levels of radiation. Those haunting memories leave an indelible impression for all of us”.
      “To suggest that nuclear power is the way ahead for Ynys Môn is a fallacy of the greatest magnitude. We have the resources for alternative energy and the skills to create alternative employment. What is required is a coherent and credible strategy underpinned by a vision which details the kind of society we want for the future and not one which creates mountains of toxic waste, with all its inherent dangers, next to Cemaes village for the next 150 years.”

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