57 years ago today in 1957 :The Windscale Fire


Wasdale Show 2012
A write up about todays Windscale anniversary and a reminder that Radiation Free Lakeland will have a stand at Wasdale Show tomorrow with the Stop Moorside petition, information and a competition.
Look forward to seeing you there at this beautiful show in the most beautiful and most at risk area in the world.
57 years ago in 1957 – The Windscale Fire

On 10th Oct it will be 57 years since the worst nuclear accident in the
UK. The bravery of those who fought the 1957 blaze was without question
and they are remembered with our gratitude for preventing the far greater
catastrophe of a full on Lake Counties nuclear sacrifice zone.

Official estimates point to a possibility of 240 additional cancer cases
as a result of the Windscale fire. Studies reveal that the impacts of
nuclear accident and routine emissions may be far wider reaching than the
public is led to believe. One such study in 1995 by Dr John Bound, a
former paediatrician at the Victoria Hospital, Blackpool; Brian Francis,
of the Centre for Applied Statistics, Lancaster; and Dr Peter Harvey,
pathologist at the Royal Lancaster Infirmary found that the Windscale fire
was followed by a surge in cases of Down’s syndrome. Their studies were
poo poohed to protect the vested interests of the nuclear establishment.
This pattern has been repeated time and time again. History is now
repeating itself with the plan for untried and untested new build near

The ruthless push towards new nuclear build on the beautiful coastline of
West Cumbria mirrors the rush to build Windscale in order to produce
plutonium for the atomic bomb. While “safety features” like the last
minute addition of filters on the Windscale chimney helped mitigate the
impact of the inevitable fire, the dangers from nuclear are inherent and
accumulative. Nothing it seems is being learnt from history. The same
old uranium burning technology is being proposed now for new build. The
reactors being proposed are AP1000, a scaled up version of the
commercially unattractive AP600. The AP1000 boasts higher efficiency, in
other words it burns the uranium harder and longer producing much hotter
wastes, reactors under construction now in America and China have cooling towers 600 – 800 ft. high. The other “alternative” is direct cooling with huge sea installations.

Sellafield is dangerous enough and a big enough terrorist target without
putting untried, untested nuclear reactors next to it with the possibility of enormous
cooling towers the size of New York sky scapers or huge sea installations.

Please remember the Windscale fire on the 10th. Remember the voluntary
bravery of the Windscale workers and the involuntary bravery of all those
unacknowledged babies, children, men and women who have died, or suffered
health consequences as a result of the Windscale accident. The still
highly radioactive chimney which stands 350ft tall has also claimed the
life of steeplejack Neil Cannon who died after falling from the ongoing
‘decommissioning’. The death toll will continue without end if new build
goes ahead. Surely the time has come for Cumbrians to say enough is
enough and to join the resistance to new and more dangerous nuclear build.
There is a petition here:

Down’s Syndrome and Windscale

Death of Sellafield Worker

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