URGENT – BEFORE 8am Stop Dodgy Deal between UK govnt and Nuclear Developers

Dodgy Nuclear Deal
Dodgy Nuclear Deal

We need help to email various European Commissioners’ offices between now and 8am
(UK time) tomorrow morning? Below is a list of Commissioners who are ‘undecided’
about how to vote on the deal between the UK Government and EDF Energy to subsidise
Hinkley Point C to the tune of up to £17.6bn. Every vote counts as the decision will
be taken by all 28 commissioners, and all that is required is a simple majority. So
we need 15 to vote against the deal

If you haven’t got time to e-mail them all please just pick one or two at random
from this list:

Andris.Piebalgs@ec.europa.eu (Latvia)
Cecilia.Malmstrom@ec.europa.eu (Sweden)
Kristalina.Georgieva@ec.europa.eu (Bulgaria)
Tonio.Borg@ec.europa.eu (Malta)
Maire.GEOGHEGAN-QUINN@ec.europa.eu (Ireland)
Maria.Damanaki@ec.europa.eu (Greece)
Androulla.Vassiliou@ec.europa.eu (Cyprus)

The letter which Stop Hinkley sent to Vice President Almunia, which you could use as a basis is here:


also another sample letter here:


2 thoughts on “URGENT – BEFORE 8am Stop Dodgy Deal between UK govnt and Nuclear Developers

  1. Reblogged this on Mining Awareness Plus and commented:
    UK Nuclear Subsidies are Unfair Business Practices. If EU allows this it will surely impact most countries through trade deals. EDF who would build the reactors is 85% French gov owned (read subsidized), which is also unfair business practices. 8 am BST is 9 am CEST and 3 am EDT (US)

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