Friends of the Lake District’s “Fragile Environment” Talk by Pro Nuclear, Pro Fracking Chris Smith


Lord Chris Smith is pro nuclear and pro fracking. He is giving a lecture tonight to Friends of the Lake District on the threats to our fragile natural environment….his pro nuclear stance  while Head of the Environment Agency has been instrumental in facilitating the biggest threat to the Lake District….the proposal for nuclear geological dumping and new build.

Meanwhile there is a Morecambe Bay Parnership conference on in Barrow today which  presents dangerous new nuclear build as a fait accompli.  New nuclear build would double the Sellafield footprint and would include massive cooling towers as big as New York skyscrapers.  The  Morecambe Bay conference pretends that the pylons would be the worst impact.   The Morecambe Bay conference also exhorts us to “Love My Beach” while ignoring the continued radioactive crapola being spewed out from Sellafield reprocessing and washed back to the beaches with every tide.

Radiation Free Lakeland will be outside the Friends of the Lake District talk tonight in Grasmere to hand out information about Moorside – the Biggest Nuclear Development in Europe.  According to a report sanctioned by the Office for Nuclear Regulation:

“a large area of land to the north and west of the Sellafield site has been bought up by NuGen for the development of a new generation nuclear power station. The area of land is approximately 200 hectares ( At the time of the 2013 habits survey, as a result of the land acquisition, three of the four residential properties within the direct radiation survey area were unoccupied and had been boarded up. The land in this area was previously farmed by three farmers but in 2013 it was farmed by one farmer”.

If this is true then the government and industry are colluding to predetermine any consultations.  If this is true than our government has sold a beautiful area, a huge buffer zone around Sellafield of publicly owned land without any by your leave from the public who actually own the land.  They have sold it to the companies responsible for Fukushima.  Despite this the Friends of the Lake District, the National Trust and others are “waiting for the consultation by NUGEN”


 Tomorrow will be too late, the time to oppose this diabolic plan is NOW!

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