Madness Continues…Another Government Committee to “Implement Geological Disposal”


Radiation Free Lakeland are not the only ones asking: Who are RWM?

Following the successful fight against  NIREX in the 90s and against MRWS  in 2013 , the latest incarnation is RWM – Radioactive Waste Management.

We assume that RWM  have done their homework and understand that
there is no safe “Geological Disposal Facility” (GDF) anywhere in the world.

The US Yucca Mountain proposal has just been ruled for about the third time as being too likely to suffer from earthquakes and subsequent meltdown.

The only operational “pilot” GDF in Mexico has recently experienced catastrophic fracturing of the containment vessels, releasing large amounts of lethal radioacitivity into the atmosphere and causing widespread public and worker health problems.

The Sellafield long term waste will remain contaminated
with radiation upwards of  thousands of years and continues to seep into groundwater under Sellafield.  More waste arrives every week at Sellafield for the insanity of reprocessing which adds to the overall volume of waste many times over.

No area of the UK would reach a different conclusion from that of Cumbrian residents provided they are as well informed as to the unacceptable risks such a ‘volunteering community’ would be forcing a snowball of radioactive blight on its residents for thousands of years.

Why is the NDA continuing to waste taxpayers’ money on yet another nuclear
white elephant?

Has it anything to do with keeping the whole nuclear agenda on track?

It is to pretend to the public that there is a solution to the nuclear waste problem?

Is the way being smoothed in order to build dangerous new nuclear plants and make waste that is even hotter than from existing reactors?

When we say “What about the waste”  they say :

“We have a plan all we need is a willing community”

We say   STOP!!  Enough is Enough

Radiation Free Lakeland strongly oppose geological dumping of radioactive waste ANYWHERE and will continue to argue for a halt to the production of  new wastes.  We will argue for the waste to stay on the sites where it has been produced,  for it to be monitored into eternity with retrievable storage

The Office for Nuclear Development have sent the letter below to people who contributed to (or fell for)  the last CONsultation.  Again this new CONsultation does not allow for a clear NO to the geological dumping of heat generating nuclear wastes anywhere.  We will be opposing rather than submitting to this entirely reasonable sounding CON :

From: Office For Nuclear Development <>
Date: Mon, Sep 29, 2014 at 5:14 PM
Subject: Geological screening events
Dear stakeholder,

We are writing to you as someone who responded to last year’s consultation
on the geological disposal of radioactive waste.

The White Paper, published following our consultation, made clear that
before inviting communities to come forward and become interested in a new
process to find a site for a radioactive waste geological disposal facility
(GDF), a number of “initial actions” would be undertaken.

One of these initial actions is a new programme of national geological
screening which will be carried out on Government’s behalf by Radioactive
Waste Management Ltd. (RWM). RWM is the Government appointed delivery
body for a GDF.

RWM is now starting this geological screening exercise and will be doing it
in a fully open, transparent and accessible way. As a first step in this
process, RWM is planning a series of public engagement events, open to all,
which will both explain the process and its intended outcomes and, more
importantly, seek relevant inputs from interested parties.

To assist in planning these events, RWM has asked us to contact respondents
to DECC’s consultation as a way of gauging likely interest in such
events. This will enable them to be as useful and accessible as
reasonably possible.

Given your interest in the issues surrounding the disposal of radioactive
waste, expressed through your response to the consultation, RWM would
particularly welcome an indication of your interest in participating in one
of these initial public events.

If you would be interested in participating, please contact RWM directly,
at the email address below, with the following information:

1. Your name

2. Contact email address

3. Organisation you represent (if any)

4. Time of day convenient for you to attend (daytime/evening)

5. Location: London, Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds,
Newcastle, Other (please specify)

Please send this information to by *Monday 6
October. *

If you have other contacts who you know might be interested to attend, feel
free to forward this message.

You can subscribe to RWM’s email bulletin to be kept up to date on the
latest developments on the geological screening exercise and wider GDF
programme (

Thank you for your continued interest in this important subject.

Kind regards,

*The Office for Nuclear Development *

7 thoughts on “Madness Continues…Another Government Committee to “Implement Geological Disposal”

  1. This is ridiculous. It reminds me that I was once told, in another context, that studies are sometimes done multiple times as sorts of “political kickbacks”. A lot of money is made off of the studies themselves. This proves that Scotland should have left and Cumbria gone with it. Maybe Cumbria should leave and take Scotland and the rest of the Borders along. The UK central govt. has shockingly never changed! Scottish EPA appears in bed with the nuclear industry anyway or they are brainless. As you point out with the transit routes, this impacts much more of England than is generally thought. Shuffling waste around to send to a facility can cause dangerous accidents. I think that everyone outside of Cumbria thinks it has nothing to do with them, but they need to take a look at the Windscale accident cloud too. It impacted all of England, except Cornwall. 85% French govt. owned EDF (Electricity of France) is asking for variations to be able to import waste from any of its power plants to Scotland to accumulate for shipment back to a long list of possible sites. A narrow interpretation of their power plants is the 15 in the UK. A broader definition could include over 80. The Slough incinerator is even close to London itself. I think that a lot will end up in landfills around the UK. In the SEPA CONsultation EDF is asking for the following: “Variation to enable ILW to be transferred off-site to the destinations listed below, where it can be treated to produce a final waste form that is categorised as LLW and is suitable for disposal:
    Incinerator, Hythe UK,
    Metal treatment facility, Lillyhall, UK
    Waste treatment amd reprocessing site, Winfrith UK
    Incinerator, Elsmere Port, UK,
    Incinerator, Slough, UK,
    Incinerator, Dessel, Belgium
    Metal treatment facility Krefeld Germany
    Incinerator and Metal Treatment Facility, Nykoping, Sweden
    Incinerator and Metal Treatment Facility, Tennessee, USA,
    Other UK incinerators
    Other overseas incinerators and metal treatment plants
    Any UK and overseas radioactive treatment facilities which become available at a future date”.
    The list is long but I put it so people can understand how widespread impacts are.

    Actually for Yucca Mountain there would not be troubles if they left the facility open and monitored and overall did it properly (which of course they would not). There is nothing similar in the UK. Yucca is hard-rock in an arid climate, but humidity would build up and cause problems once it was closed. Which is why it should remain open. It is above the water table and sounds more like a bunker facility than a deep repository. It is subject to magnitude 3 earthquakes which is nothing and probably would not be felt underground. Maybe it could be impacted by a large California quake. Maybe it should never have been done, however, in that the Shoshone still claim that land, but that was known from the beginning, over 20 years ago. The big reason it is being stopped is that a major Las Vegas Casino operator-political donor doesn’t want it. This seems to be the same reason they temporarily moved nuclear testing to Alaska and Mississippi. The Nevada tests at the time were disturbing another wealthy resident of Las Vegas – Howard Hughes. To his credit, he supposedly wanted them to stop the nuclear tests. Their idea was to move it elsewhere and they brought it back anyway. Crazy people. The nuclear folks appear to be drinking too much or smoking too much marijuana or taking opiates or they have incredibly low IQs. However, I think that the lowest IQ person would have more common sense. I’ve seen it – low IQs with common sense lacking to so-called high IQ people. Which makes me wonder if the IQ scale is upside down.

  2. I’ve also queried who is RWM and as you say, it is just another NDA offshoot. I’ve responded and said the same as you – no safe geological depository anywhere in the world. I also agree that wasting even more money on nationwide geological surveys is indeed another way of arguing for new nuclear. Hinkley C’s proposed new reactors would indeed burn MOX which has already been discredited. Also the Sellafield plutonium stockpile can be dealt with by on site immobilisation and near surface storage. Legacy spent fuel can be stored at Sellafield as at present. So, no new build, revoke the AGR site licence lifetime extensions, shut down the AGRs before they all collapse from age related structural defects into lots of Fukushimas. Human error all over again; totally avoidable. As is the current epidemic of premature deaths in Somerset from the unregulated discharges from waste and decommissioning activities.

    1. Thanks Jo, you are spot on! The deaths are unquantifiable – deliberately so- but report after report links a whole host of diseases to exposure to radiation. The industry likes to keep the deaths unquantifiable – like the escalating £costs.

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