Old French Nuclear Reactor Parts to Scotland, Tennessee, Sweden, and Elsewhere?

Decommissioning means Dispersal to the Environment. Decommissioning should mean CONTAINMENT of the waste on the existing site. The industry is already sending radioactive scrap metal to Studsvik, the radioactive scrap metal dealers in Lillyhall, Cumbria and now they want to send even higher activity radioactivity scrap metal, the really nasty stuff, intermediate level. This is an area of Cumbria that was previously clear of nuclear Crapola. It is way past time to Lock the Gate on Nuclear.

Mining Awareness +

Large Nuclear Components-Metal Parts Energy Solns Clive Utah
What appear to be large and small nuclear components at the Energy Solutions Low Level Waste Facility in Clive, Utah. Some large San Onofre (California) NPP components (Nuclear Reactor Vessel Head-Steam Generators) have been sent there.

Some French don’t want the reactor parts from their 9 old decommissioned reactors in France. The French government is majority owner of EDF. So, there are very high stakes with this SEPA consultation, deadline on Oct. 3rd. EDF (France) appears basically asking for a carte blanche for importing and exporting EDF nuclear waste at Hunterston and Torness Nuclear Generating Facilities in Scotland. http://www.sepa.org.uk/about_us/consultations.aspx One critical point as explained by SEPA (buried on p. 10 of the 20 page document):
EDF has applied to allow the receipt of radioactive waste on to both stations for interim storage and onward disposal. These wastes will have arisen at other EDF Energy nuclear power stations, and the…

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