Moorside Report Launch at Beckermet 26th Sept 1-2pm

Roe deer, Moorcide
Roe deer, Moorcide


Campaigners will launch the Moorside Report this Friday at the Pylon Consultation in Beckermet Reading Room, Sellafield Rd from 1pm – 2pm, 26th Sept

Following this we will walk a mile or two of the scenic route around the proposed Moorside site– actually called Greenmoorside, from approx. 2pm till 4pm.


We will be leaving to walk the Greenmoorside/Moorside site at approx 2pm from Beckermet Reading Room, Sellafield Rd

We will take the opportunity to watch wildlife on the 500 acre site and erect a banner “Stop Moorside: The Land is Ours!”

The National Grid is holding a consultation on the pylon route from the proposed Moorside AP1000 reactors. The pylon consultation will be at the village of Beckermet on 26th Sept.   We will be there to launch the Moorside Report written by Radiation Free Lakeland which outlines the impact on Cumbria from new nuclear build. The pylons would be the very least of it.

The plant site for each nuclear reactor (there are 3 planned) is estimated to require 9.6 acres, with huge cooling towers requiring additional 15 acres Radioactively contaminated seawater drawn from the Irish Sea would precipitate over Lakeland from the cooling tower plumes. The visible vapor plumes associated with cooling towers would rise more than 5,000 feet above the towers (ie 2000 ft above the highest Lakeland fells) and extend as far as 9 miles downwind.

MOORSIDE RaFL Report 19.9.14

Pylon consultation events

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