The Moorside Report: Europe’s biggest nuclear development

Cooling tower plumes from Moorside would reach 5000ft over Lakeland Fells
Cooling tower plumes from Moorside would reach 5000ft over Lakeland Fells



A new report has been produced by Radiation Free Lakeland, which outlines
the impact “the biggest nuclear development in Europe” would have on

Visible vapor plumes from AP1000 cooling towers would rise more than 5,000
feet above the towers (ie 2000 feet above the highest Lakeland fells) and
extend as far as 9 miles downwind. Resulting precipitation would be from
seawater drawn from the Irish Sea, which is contaminated by Sellafield’s
reprocessing activity.

The river Ehen meanders through National Trust land from Ennerdale to the
final reaches at the proposed Moorside site. Fresh Water Pearl Mussels and
other endangered species are under direct threat as a result of the
Moorside proposal.

Spokesperson for Radiation Free Lakeland, Marianne Birkby said: NUGEN are
disingenuously describing this beautiful 500 acre area of West Cumbria as
“a brownfield site.” We wonder how much more of Cumbria will be
described as “brownfield” should Moorside go ahead?

Radiation Free Lakeland have sent the report to movers and shakers such as
the National Trust, Friends of the Lake District and Cumbria Wildlife

MOORSIDE RaFL Report 19.9.14


7 thoughts on “The Moorside Report: Europe’s biggest nuclear development

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  2. Christine Stebbing

    Totally agree Penelope. Why is it that we have to take toxic waste from other countries, our beautiful landscapes are decimated with these monstrosities and our children, grandchildren and great grand children’s health put at risk without a second thought. It is criminal. We are led to believe we are constantly under threat from terrorists yet we are supposed to accept bigger, daily threats to our well being.

  3. Nick Ford

    What is the response of the “movers and shakers” as there has been little or no news or articles in the national or local press? Perhaps the tourist industry should be given a thorough shake as well as local and county councils.
    Unfortunately most here only see jobs and money as the drivers with no real care of the countryside. What politicians are involved? There is a lot of talk on how fragile the Lakes countryside is especially by Lord Chris Smith who was chair of the Environment Agency until he stood down. He is delivering the Kirby lecture at Grasmere to the Friends of the Lake District. Perhaps he needs to mention the ruination of lakes and Cumbria with Wind Farms, Solar Farms & Nuclear. Seems we are the dumping ground as we are seen as a “desolate wasteland” according to some.

    1. True, even the National Grid team were unaware that the AP1000s under construction in China and America have vast cooling towers 600-800ft high, ie more than twice as big as the original Calder Hall towers. The movers and shakers are keeping schtum for as long as possible, it seems, along with the media. Even with NO national coverage the Stop Moorside petition has 4’500 signatures already

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